Favorite Skin Care Routine FT. Colleen Rothschild

This is a close up of the Colleen Rothschild products laying on top of one another with a bouquet of flowers.

Skin care is truly one of my favorite things to do every single day. I enjoy my time in the evening removing all my makeup, and cleansing my skin. It’s so relaxing, and it feels so good to cleanse the skin and see the day washed away. It’s therapeutic in a sense.

This is a close up of the extreme recovery creme and the detox mask.

This is a collective shot of a view Colleen Rothschild skin care items.

This is a close up of the Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No 9

I do a lot of sharing on my Insta stories when it comes to my skin care routine. A few people have asked me if I use “all the products” I mention, and it’s true. I do use a lot of products, and after a while, the routine doesn’t feel long. I actually really enjoy it and going through various phases of my skin care routine. If you’ve been around here before, you know I’m a huge skin care advocate. Everyone should have a skin care regimen because it will help keep your skin looking glowy, fresh and young for longer. 

When one brand has all the goods for amazing skin, it’s an easy decision to buy multiple items from their line. Being the skin care junkie that I am, I was thrilled when Colleen Rothschild, a luxury skin care brand, wanted to partner with me. 

This post is in collaboration with Colleen Rothschild. As always all opinions and thoughts are honest and my own.

While I don’t use all of these products every single day, I do use them all regularly and I’ve had about two months to really get in the groove and understand the benefits of each particular one. Let’s dive into the specifics:

One of the best things about skin care is the ability for your skin to get a good detox. After I used the clarifying detox mask I realized my skin felt so much cleaner and happier, with no trapped dirt and debris stuck to the surface. This really gets deep into your pores and helps cleanse deeper than you can get with your finger tips and a cleanser. It feels wonderful and looks super goofy – which makes it one of my favorite things to apply and then go downstairs and scare my boyfriend (I’m so lame – that’s how I get my entertainment HA!) Activated charcoal and French Kaolin clay help leave your skin more balance, and the silver helps keep bacteria at bay. There’s also a blend of vitamin C and Willowherb extract which will brighten and soothe inflamed skin, which is a huge plus for me because my skin is so sensitive and feels inflamed from time to time.

Once I’m done detoxing, I love to wash that mask off and dry my face. Next I pump a few squirts of the face oil which is truly the best oil I’ve ever put on my face. That, my friends, is a big statement. This oil is so luxurious and brings serious moisture into my dehydrated skin, while deeply nourishing it with its nutrients. The ingredients are wonderful, with a combination of precious oils and vitamins which help eliminate the stress your skin has faced. This formula also improves the skin’s moisture barrier while having no greasy residue. It’s something else. The key ingredients involve (antioxidant protector) moringa oil (helps with luminosity) marula oil (balances complexion) omega 3, 6 and 9 (helps with intense moisturization.) 

Once I’ve got my oil rubbed in perfectly, I like to take a moisturizer to get that longterm overnight moisture restoration into my face. Depending on the dehydration levels of my skin, I may choose something extremely moisturizing or something just to complement the face oil. Now if you need intense moisture, the recovery creme is perfect for this. If you’ve got any dry, cracked skin from traveling to a cold destination or if you live in the cold, this recovery cream will bring your skin back to life. I’m serious. I came back from Kansas with dry skin that was lacking luminosity and that glow, and after one night of using this intense recovery creme my skin was back to normal. I don’t use it every single day, but I use it in times when I need an extra boost of hydration. 

Once that recovery cream is all soaked into the skin, I reach for an eye cream. I have tried a lot of eye creams, trust me. This one has the perfect consistency (not too thick and not too thin) and it hydrates the under eye area so incredibly well. It helps combat wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye circles, puffiness and elasticity, while also having a pleasant cooling sense to it. The formula includes a series of clinically proven peptides which strengthen the collagen-elastin matrix. What that means is that your dark circles and puffiness will be reduced and appear much better after a few days of using this cream.

I’ve always been a big fan of lip balms and moisturized lips. Called the ultimate lip balm, this stuff gives truly smoother, fuller lips. A “revolutionary peptide” which has been proven to increase lip moisture and add volume. I tend to have a problem with dry lips, but this lip balm has made them feel so much better + it’s increase their smoothness and helped define my lip contour a bit more. 

Once I’ve applied all of this to my skin, the best part is still waiting for me. My favorite part of going to bed at night is applying the nourishing body lotion. It is phenomenal, and smells amazing. It’s a light scent, nothing too abrasive or long-lasting, but it has such a soothing scent which is how I fall asleep at night these days. Without this on my body and hands, I seem to have trouble falling asleep because I need my moisture. This lotion helps with dry thirsty skin, and my hands seem to be dry 120% of the time, so I can’t get enough of this. It’s also not greasy and thick like body butters, and blends into the skin quickly.

This is a close up of the Colleen Rothschild clarifying detox mask.

This is a close up of the Colleen Rothschild complete eye cream.

The best part about Colleen Rothschild is that they have a home selection too. These are the most luxurious candles you’ve ever seen. The packaging is simply stunning, and would be an amazing gift for anyone in your life, but also the perfect home edition. The hygge candle smells phenomenal, and Colleen even has candle tools. If you get the candle set, you will get a candle snuffer and a candle wick trimmer. 

This is a flat lay shot of the Colleen candle collection + candle essentials.

Now that I’ve raved on and on about Colleen (these are my true honest thoughts people!), thought I’d let you know there’s some special offers in case you’re interested. Colleen kindly provided a 20% off discount code for my readers (there is no commission I make from you using this code) and it is truly a kind gesture from the brand. Use “ADA20” will be valid for 20% off ALL product.

Which of these has got you the most intrigued?

This is a flat lay shot of the Colleen Rothschild skin care products, with a white plate decorated with flowers.

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This is a collective shot of the Colleen Rothschild skin care products, with a white plate decorated with flowers.

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