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Featured Blogger of the Month-Alyson Alconis

I am going to start this mini tradition where I find one incredible blogger that I have to tell you all about each month. It may be every two months or every month; it depends. We all have our fan girl moments, but I’ve had a recent obsession with the lovely blogger behind The Beauty Vanity: Alyson Alconis. She is based in San Francisco and blogs about beauty and fashion; truly a lovely person who -upon receiving my email- responded promptly and turned our communications into a blogger friendship. Gotta’ love how friendly us bloggers are with one another!

Not only does she have a lovely personality, she is also gorgeous.

And most importantly, her content is phenomenal (well-written, fun, informative, unique) and her photography is impeccable. Don’t you just want to run out and buy each and every single one of these products?

She was in Las Vegas this past weekend for her birthday, but the cool thing is she posted several times with content related to her upcoming trip (what she packs, outfits, clubbing makeup, etc.) She’s organized, very knowledgeable, and has incredible taste. I can’t say enough great things about her and I feel like this post is turning into a cheesy fest, so I’ll cut it here.

Check her blog out and search @alysonalconis on Instagram and Twitter (she posts the best pictures!) Now remember to tweet me about how obsessed you become as well!

*Disclaimer: The images in this post were taken from and are Alyson Alconis’s images. I received prior approval to use the images.