Featuring the Sephora Collection Makeover

Featuring the Sephora Collection Makeover

October 23, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Sephora inside JCPenney. #SephoraInJCP #sephoracollection

When it comes to amazing makeovers, I always have the best experience at Sephora inside JCPenney. If you’re part of the Instagram fam, you saw a few snaps of my recent trip to the JCPenney store at the Tucson Spectrum, and it was honestly such a fun time. As soon as I walked into the store, I started laughing. That laughing didn’t stop for almost 3 hours. Honestly if you ever want to have a good time, go visit that Sephora inside JCPenney because that team is so hilarious and just a great time. Not to mention the talent is indescribable. Everyone is such a talented artist, and I was so excited to get my makeup done by the team!

My focus for the makeover was the Sephora Collection. While I’ve been a fan of the Sephora Collection cream lip stain liquid lipsticks (literally for YEARS), I had not tried a lot of other products from the collection, so this was a refreshing start to the rest of the line.

This is the makeup remover from The Sephora Collection.

We started with using the Sephora Collection Cleansing Water to remove any makeup, dirt and grime off the skin. I like to apply a couple drops to a clean cotton pad and gently run that all over my face. Once we allowed that to dry, we went on to moisturizer. I love the Sephora Collection’s lightweight and hydrating skincare, and it had a nice cooling effect. We quickly used a primer and some sunscreen that really prepped my skin for the makeup to come. Once we had this all done, we laughed for about 20 minutes and then dove into the official makeup look.

Usually I start with foundation, but I wanted to mix things up a bit and let the foundation clean off any fallout from the eyeshadow, so we started with the eyes! We dove into one of the iconic Sephora Collection Pro Palettes, and specifically a fun one for the fall. With so many beautiful colors in one palette, it’s impossible to go wrong. My day to day look is something warm toned, and it’s typically a deeper orange color or a brown. It compliments my brown eyes nicely and really works for my complexion. Once we had the shadow blended, I wanted to get a little more dramatic and add some eyeliner. This is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used and it’s so easy to work with. Because this was focused for the daytime, I didn’t go too intense with the liner and we did a deeper brown shade. When it comes to this pencil, the formulation can easily be blended into the eyes making it smoky. If you want precision, you can get that too by using the sharpener on the other side of the pencil, but I like the smoky messy look because it’s more carefree. In order to finish off the eyes, we added just a little mascara to the lower lashes.

When it comes to The Sephora Collection, the foundation worked beautifully. With just one pump, you get beautiful light coverage. If I wanted more coverage, I could definitely have gone in with a second or third pump, so it’s super buildable. Most of the brushes we used were from this collection. Once the foundation was in place, we used the brow pencil just to give my brows a little oompf. Since you know I got them microbladed, I don’t have to do anything most days. However, if I want to give them a little extra love, I go in with a few strokes in the front of the brow.



For the complexion, we went in with a little bit of golden hour highlighting powder which is a beautiful mix between a bronzer and a highlighter. It falls more on the bronzing side for me, and we gave my cheeks a bit of definition. The formulation is so luxurious and easily blendable. The brush swirled beautifully into the product and produced the perfect amount of bronzer for both my cheeks. Plus, it’s only $16!

My favorite part of the makeup look is always the lip color. We wanted to mix two of the amazing lines within the Sephora Collection, so we made it happen. Because I always like to put the most hydrating product on the very top, we went in with a gorgeous shade from the #Lipstories lipstick collection and then went in with a melting lip click. The lipsticks (by no means) are drying but they are perfect for the bottom layer. Did I mention that they’re only $8? The melting lip clicks are just so ridiculously hydrating and creamy, and they just work so well on top of lipstick. Not to mention it’s the perfect add to the lips, even if they’re not smooth and exfoliated. I find that the lip click really helps to nourish the lips because of the hydrating formula. These are one of the newest additions to the Sephora Collection and they’re $14.

Once we have everything on the face, we finished off with some setting spray and wa-lah, I am ready to go and take on the world. As soon as I stepped outside the doors of JCPenney, all of my friends and colleagues were complimenting me on my makeup. It made me realize that just a few extra products each day make such a big difference, and others do notice.

What’s your favorite everyday look? When do you get your makeup done?

I’m a big believer of treating yourself, so why not go get a fun makeover done at your local Sephora Inside JCPenney?! You don’t need a special occasion to feel special and try some new makeup.