Fine Dining in Tucson Arizona at Commoner & Co

Adaleta and her two friends are toasting their glasses to celebrate the weekend. Adaleta’s friends are enjoying a beer, and a sage pear gimlet while Ada holds up her glass of cabernet sauvignon.

Fine Dining in Tucson Arizona at Commoner & Co

January 27, 2020

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to dine at Commoner and Co right before they were going into a remodel. It quickly became my favorite restaurant in Tucson, with a plethora of incredible cocktails and entrees. Luckily I was traveling abroad during the time they were renovating so when they opened back up in the fall, I was eager to check out the new ambiance, design, and new menu. They posted on Instagram announcing they were done with renovations and opening back up, and I made a reservation for a night out with some friends.

In this image, Adaleta (aka adaatude) is sharing one of her favorite appetizers, the mussels with Thai curry sauce, lemon wedge, herbs, and fries from Commoner and Co in Tucson, Arizona.

Commoner & Co is a very spacious restaurant with an industrial-chic vibe. It’s bright, airy with lots of windows, and located in the north side of town. If you happen to get there for happy hour, you’ll catch a gorgeous sunset cascading over the foothills. Inside the restaurants, there are lots of modern light fixtures and a romantic, moody vibe once the sun sets.

Their cocktails are some of the best in town, and they have a generous beer and wine menu too. It’s a great spot for happy hour because they have different options for beverages and appetizers. Whether you know what you’re ordering off the main menu, always start with coconut shrimp because it’s crisped to perfection and paired with a cocktail sauce and lime. We also had the chance to try the mussels which were tossed in a buttery delicious spread. We tried a few other appetizers too, like the charred eggplant which is made from sweet tahini, olive tapenade, and feta. This was a total hit at our table, and we were scraping up the last few bites when they brought over the mussles. The mussels are served with a Thai curry sauce, lemon wedge, herbs, and fries (insider tip: try dipping these fries in the curry sauce and don’t worry,  you can thank me later). 

It’s a fine dining experience for sure, and the wait staff is always incredibly kind and attentive. It’s always so much fun to go to restaurants like this one and feel so well taken care of while really enjoying the atmosphere. Our server made several recommendations for entrees and even offered some suggestions for cocktails and wines that would pair nicely. With a menu filled with so many different options, it was really great to have some guidance. 

My friend Ashley (who is vegan) ordered the plant-based entree which was made up of roasted pivot produce, barley and romesco. It can be difficult to find restaurants with vegan options, so we were so excited to see a plant-based vegan option. The vegan dish was so colorful and prepared beautifully. Not to mention Ashley was raving about how delicious it was. With her entree, she had the sage pear gimlet cocktail which was extremely light and refreshing. 

Ashley’s boyfriend opted for the new york strip, which was served with smashed potatoes, vegetables, and bourbon sabayan. His entree smelled phenomenal and it was definitely on my list to try for the next time we go back. All of the entrees are served with veggies and sides that compliment the dish, so it’s really easy to find yourself not needing a to-go box. I was personally tempted to lick my plate.

Adaleta is sharing her salmon entree from Commoner & Co located in Tucson, Arizona. The seared salmon is placed on top of winter squash risotto, dill, tarragon nage, and charred leek.

I, of course, opted for one of my favorite entrees, salmon. The entree is seared and paired with winter squash risotto, dill, tarragon nage, and charred leek. It was cooked to perfection and I couldn’t wait to dig in from the moment it was placed in front of me. You guys know I love salmon! It paired really well with my glass of cabernet sauvignon. Commoner & Co can take a simple entree and pair it with things you typically wouldn’t ever think of.

If you haven’t been yet, make a reservation for this weekend. It is truly one of my favorite spots in town and everything on the menu is incredible. If you’ve visited before, what was your favorite?