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First Impressions | Makeup Tutorial |

First impressions are tricky.

When you’re trying to make a first impression in life, you typically want the other individual to see you at your absolute best. You want to stand out as unique, fun and successful but you also don’t want to come off too crazy and conceited. Well although first impressions with new makeup are a bit different, it’s one and the same. You don’t want to come off crazy with your neon orange eyeshadow fallout hanging out on your cheeks during the day or your lipstick dripping down your chin. These are the kinds of nightmares I can help you with no doubt. You want the newly acquired makeup to make your face luminous, beautiful and look as flawless as possible. However sometimes you need to learn to work with the product a little different in order to get the look you want, so while these are my first impressions I will continue trying to make the not so hot products work for me. In my newest video, I try on some of my new makeup products and give you my first impressions of each.

What opinions do you have about these products? I would love to hear!

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