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FOREO UFO 2 Review – My Spa Treatment at Home

This is a photo of Adaleta Avdic's bathtub, filled with bubbles, and a relaxing pampering spa session at home using UFO 2.

FOREO UFO 2 Review – My Spa Treatment at Home

November 20, 2020

This post is in partnership with the Swedish Brand FOREO. All opinions remain my own.

I love self care on a regular basis. More than that, I love making it happen for myself at home. With the year we’ve all had, it is so important to give yourself that luxe spa experience especially when you can't go to a spa. This year I have spent a lot of time trying devices that can bring the spa home to me (and you.) Lucky for you, I have a Swedish brand FOREO UFO 2 review for you, a brilliant invention that could change your skincare and spa at home routine. While a good skincare routine is important, it’s advantageous to use some professional options if you’re looking to really get the most out of your routine.

UFO 2 is a one-time investment for the benefit of your skin that delivers amazing results through a wide range of different spa-like treatments within the device, and Korean-inspired mask formulas. All of the masks hydrate and nourish the skin, and with the plethora of options available, you can choose which one is perfect for you. This device works the mask into the skin in 90 seconds, which is incredibly quick. Personally a lot quicker than any other mask I’ve personally experienced, and I’ve got hundreds in my makeup cabinets trust me!

This is a close up of the light pink FOREO UFO 2 being held by Adaleta Avdic.

What is so special about UFO 2?

You know I love the educational piece, especially when it comes to a device like this one. The most incredible thing is that the device does multiple functions so you can use it morning and night. It hits on thermotherapy, cryotherapy, T-Sonic pulsations, and full spectrum of LED Light therapy.

For the mask treatment, the UFO 2 heats to an ideal temperature which has many benefits. Just as some of us may steam our face before our skincare routine, using thermotherapy softens and preps the skin for the treatment. Adding a bit of heat to a skincare routine loosens the sebum on the surface of the skin, and the addition of heat helps to ensure that the nutrients from the mask (and the rest of your skincare routine) go deeper into the skin.

The flip side of thermotherapy is cryotherapy, which is the use of cool temperatures. Another tool we see oftentimes is the addition of an eye roller that sits in the freezer. With this roller, you can instantly (and quickly) debuff the face which makes cryotherapy ideal for the morning. It’s also possible to use UFO 2's cryotherapy as part of the Shimmer Freak eye mask which gives you the same and even better effect such as a freezing eye roller. It’s a lot less messy and also has great potent ingredients for the delicate eye area. 

Using the UFO 2 in the evenings with thermotherapy is one thing, but then being able to use it in the AM for cryotherapy really makes a big difference. The versatility and ability to change the temperature is such a unique feature. Applying the cold temperatures to the skin helps to depuff the skin, while making it firmer and more lifted. It also helps to shrink the pore size, which is always a plus.You are able to use the UFO 2 with no mask attached, so it is free to be used in the AM with no product attached to it. You can also apply your serums and oils, and then use UFO 2. It’s completely up to you how you want to customize your routine. Oftentimes people don't know how to customize the routine, but with the UFO 2 you enter custom routine mode by clicking on the Settings wheel in the app (upper right corner) and choose the LED Light, cryotherapy, thermotherapy, pulsations or no pulsations, or none.

If the change in temperature wasn’t cool enough, you have the T-Sonic (short for transdermal) pulsations that happen with the treatments. These pulsations give a soothing facial massage with 10,000 pulsations per minute. This feature helps your skin absorb more of the nutrients of your skincare, as well as the mask treatments used. They also help to relax facial tension points, which helps alleviate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The relaxation of those key tension points is a huge bonus. 

The final piece of this incredibly tech savvy and innovative tool is the LED Light Therapy that is customizable. Featuring 8 different LED light options, you can customize your routine and treatment depending on what you’re hoping to target. I’ve been focusing my attention to purple LED light because it’s said to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also boosting the radiance of the skin.

How to make your own at home spa

  1. Run a bath

  2. Grab a book

  3. Light a candle

  4. Pick your treatment mask

  5. Choose your drink of choice

Once you’ve got the bath running, you can add oils and any other soothing elements to it. We love bath bombs because they’re fun and super hydrating for the skin. I’ve been reading a new book part of a book club, so I focus this time on reading a few chapters (and I try very hard to limit my phone usage.) The candle fills the bathroom with a comforting essence, and I love how everything always feels more cozy when a candle is involved. I like to add some pink quartz, or any other rock that has a calming presence to bring that positive relaxed energy into the bathroom. Finally as I’m reading, I like to sip on a glass of wine or a piping hot cup of tea (with inulin of course.)

This is a step by step 4 picture collage to show how to take a FOREO mask and attach it to the UFO 2.

How to use the FOREO UFO 2 and masks

  1. Download the FOREO app onto your phone. Once you’ve set up your account, make sure your UFO 2 is paired with your app.

  2. Choose your mask. Depending on what your skin is going through, you’ll want to pick one that will give you the most benefit in the current state of your skin. Two of my go-tos are “Call it a Night” and “Make my Day”.

  3. Scan the barcode of your individual mask using your app on your phone. Also, as a side note you can make your own custom routine to be used without a UFO-activated mask, with any other sheet mask or other skincare.

  4. Secure the mask accordingly onto the device. The edge that extends a bit goes into the corner where the attachment ring will fall into place. 

  5. Begin your treatment by pressing “Start” within the app.

  6. Relax, and follow the instructions given to you by the app.

This is a step by step 4 picture collage to show how to take a FOREO mask, attach it to the UFO 2, and use the FOREO app to guide the treatment.

How my Skin Feels After Using UFO 2

After using the Make My Day UFO-Activated Mask, my skin felt extremely hydrated. Given it’s got a great mix of hyaluronic acid and red algae, it helps to hydrate the skin and get deeper beneath the epidermis. The serum and cream of the mask sunk in faster into the skin and left no residue that I could see. It was a fast and effective way to do a mask and really soak my skin with hydration. 

Not to mention it’s excellent for the daytime because it helps to protect against pollution, giving you that radiant skin even after a long day. This is the perfect start, while the “Call It a Night” activated mask is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. With ginseng and olive oil, it is the perfect concoction for healing the skin overnight. 

When it comes to this device, it clearly saves money by being such a multitasker. I can save money since I don’t need to go to the spa as often, but between all the functions, I find that I can eliminate several other tools from my routine. All in all, UFO 2 is the perfect start and end to my skincare routine in the AM and PM.

How do you take care of yourself on an ongoing basis? 

Schedule in that spa at home. You can thank me later!

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Oh wow this product sounds awesome! I’m all for an at home spa night these days because mama needs a little pampering.

Thanks for sharing this. Always looking for higher end products that are good quality. I do love the concept of buying the set and making my own spa day at home. Due of covid increases, I haven’t been able to go to a spa and get a facial but I was just telling my husband how much I want a facial. This black Friday deal is the same price as a high end facial! I’m definitely sending him the link!!

Self-care is so important! The UFO-2 looks like a great product that I definitely might have to try. I like indulging in beauty products and trying new things. Thank you for the information on one of your favorite items and products. Always keep treating yourself.

Thanks for sharing this. Always looking for higher end products that are good quality. I do love the concept of buying the set and making my own spa day at home. Due of covid increases, I haven’t been able to go to a spa and get a facial but I was just telling my husband how much I want a facial. This black Friday deal is the same price as a high end facial! I’m definitely sending him the link!!

I am FASCINATED by this product! The fact that it links with an app, also has masks, and can change temperatures is just incredible to me. I’m absolutely dying to try it for myself. My skin has never been worse since masks became a part of my normal routine and while I used to have a pretty great skincare routine, it could use some extra love now. Thanks for the tips!

This amazing post and the incredible Black Friday offer made me order one immediately. I’m seriously wowed by the look of this device, can’t wait to try it out. xoxo

There is literally nothing better than that at home spa day. You are so right! With the year we’ve all had, I find that at home spa days are essential for self care and just to detox a little!

I just got my first FOREO but I wish I got this one! I got the Luna(?) it’s okay but I wasn’t as impressed as I wanted to be for the price. This one looks a lot better!

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