Getting Real: New Years Resolution

One of my biggest supporters in life is my brother. 

He is undoubtedly the coolest person I know, and he constantly tells me my blog posts are great and that my writing is fantastic. The funny thing is he probably doesn’t give a crap about what lipstick I like or what eyeshadow looks best with brown eyes, but he reads my posts and likes everything on social media. That, my friends, is love. He knows that blogging makes me really happy which is why he has never doubted me for a second.

I honestly cannot count how many times in the past year I have said “I want to start a YouTube channel.” My friends and family have heard it all many maany times. I’ve even posted about it on social media a few times and gotten great feedback. Some have dropped their mouths in shock and horror while others have totally supported the idea. The reactions have been all over the place but it’s something I can’t stop talking about; somehow everyone I’ve come into contact to has mentioned something about a blog or YouTube and I dive right into my love for both. Seriously though- today while I was shopping at Angl the sales associate and I started talking about our love for certain LA based YouTubers and she told me I should start the channel and never look back. 

The good and bad feedback has scared the crap out of me because there will be a lot of hate, and a lot of rude comments without a doubt. I’ve come to the point where I think that is worth me creating another outlet and hobby for myself, something I can enjoy. No doubt it will be hard work, but I know I will enjoy filming, editing, and posting. 

This is the year I do this…I will start my own channel. Now that I’ve told you, there’s no going back. I am going to “put myself out there” and see if I can handle a full time job, four blog posts a week and a YouTube channel. Something that would be extremely helpful and awesome is if you had ideas, tips, tricks, comments, anything related to a new YouTube channel. 

Have you started your own channel? What advice, ideas, and suggestions do you have for a YouTube newbie? I would love to hear!

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Thank you lady! You should start one as well and I will support and watch YO videos! That way we could do collabs and I’ll have even more reason to visit San Fran 😉 xx, Ada

I’m all about taking on new things, and if this is something that’s been on your mind for a while and you just know it’s an urge that will never go away well then sometimes you just have to feed that need and do it…I’m always excited to find a new Youtuber, if they could do it starting from their bedroom why can’t you? Looking forward to your new endeavors 🙂

1. Get a microphone. Countless studies have shown that bad-quality video is considered “OK” as long as the audio is crisp.

2. Consider developing a schedule. PsychoSoprano does “Colleen’s Corner” on Tuesdays and a [here’s my life] kind of thing every Friday. It’s nice to know that there’s reliability, there.

3. As early as possible, consider branding. PewDiePie has “bros”, CutiePieMarzia has “marzipans”, etc. Being a man of Computer Science, I’m inclined to point to towards Ada Lovelace for inspiration.

4. It’s OK to experiment with formats but try to settle on a favorite early on. If you have one video with a bunch of quick-cuts, followed the next day by a long narrative in front of a fixed camera, your audience may find it jarring…UNLESS, we’re talking about two different shows. Like “Ada’s Approach” and “Midweek Makeup”, or something. Then stark format differences are acceptable.

5. Know your audience. I imagine the demo for cosmetics is going to be 14-25 females.

6. Most importantly: have fun! When you’re creating the content YOU want to create, it shows and it will bring the masses to your doorstep.

I’ve never started a channel but even starting a blog was hard for me! I say do it if that’s what you want; don’t worry about what anyone else has to say unless it’s with good intention or to help you! You’ll be the one who has to go through the good and bad times that come with starting a channel so do it for only yourself! I know a lot of youtubers get a lot of hateful comments and negativity so for that I say ignore the hate and embrace the positivity you will surely get as well! Good luck with this 🙂

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