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#GIRLBOSS Rave & Review

Are you a #GIRLBOSS?


I understand that perhaps books are not everyone’s forte, but this novel is one I have to commend. It’s unique and very different from your typical biography. The title of this novel is what attracted me to it. A hashtag as part of the novel? Being the social media junkie, that I am I knew it would be good if a hashtag was in the title. The rest of the title? Girl boss? Uhh yeah I’m ordering this gem right away. Now I’m not sure how much you know about Sophia Amoruso today, but after 

this novel, you will know a lot more and you will really appreciate where Nasty Gal came from and the effort it took her to build such an incredible brand in the fashion industry. There were times that I laughed at her sarcasm and humor, teared up at some losses and tough points, and just rejoiced over the success that continued to grow throughout the novel. She really sucks you in, and she does it by being honest and and confiding in the reader with her personal story. You will enjoy this book, and it will be something you reach for again and again because it’s a true, honest, realistic, modern day story. I suggest you get dressed and head to Barnes and Nobles for your copy…or if you’re feeling like me…order it online through Amazon

Have you had the pleasure of reading this gem yet?