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Girls Weekend in San-Diego! Part One

When I think of saying San Diego, it sounds like “Saaaan-di-aaahh-go” because that’s the fun way to say San Diego…in my mind.

Like I promised on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, if you follow my blogs you get to come along for the ride and see my travels. Last weekend I went to San Diego with three of my best college girl friends. We planned this trip a few months ago and boy oh boy were we all excited to leave school, work, ALL of it, and head down to the beach to catch up and have some girl time!

F & I drove to H’s house and grabbed her for the rest of the road trip to S.D. Once we arrived, we started our adventures at Beach Wood Bar & Grill with these refreshers.

How gorgeous are those colors?

Just to be clear, as soon as we got there something inside me screamed for Bloody Marys so the theme began.

I like my Bloody medium with light pepper, no celery, and extra green olives on the side. Picky, finicky, whatever you wanna call it, all I can say is at least I know what I want okaaay?

We posed a few times because the bartender knew we wanted some pics.

And then of course, #groupselfies!

The very kind bartender, after taking pics of us with all of our phones, decided to surprise us each with our very own pineapple upside down shot. 

Thank you Mr. Bartender! We definitely appreciated it. Cheers! *gulp*

After leaving a very nice tip, we galloped our way back to the hotel to wait for S to arrive. 

Once we had some time to catch up, adjust a bit to the cold(er) weather, we headed out to try a few drinks here and there along the strand.

 Our hotel was LITERALLY right on the beach.

What an incredible view. Seeing these makes me want an ocean home and an easy way to the ocean.

And we really loved our balcony!

Here we are at destination number one: La Haina. This is probably the only “okay” pic of me for a few hours. For some reason, BEFORE I went back to the room to grab my sunglasses, the sun was really bothering me and causing me to be squinty. What is wrong with me-have I never seen the sun?

We did end up staying at destination number two, the local “hot spot” aka Shore Club, for quite some time.

With every drink being this size, how could we NOT stay here for a few hours!?

As the sun slowly made its way down, we slowly made our way back to the hotel to change (some of us), grab dinner, and then head out for the night.

Our hotel came with the perk of being attached to Word Famous-such a win! The food is phenomenal, and I am a picky eater. After ogling over the menu for quite some time, we ended up splitting dishes and appetizers and filled our bellies with delicious DELICIOUS food. Unfortunately, we ate it so quickly I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures. Will you forgive me?

H’s favorite spot in the area was Open Bar, so we decided to spend a few hours dancing and taking pictures.

And posing with attitude.

Quite the reunion was underway!

///Part 2 of girls’ weekend to be continued///