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Handling Dry Skin in the Cooler Months

This is a sideways close up of the AquaphorⓇ Ointment Body Spray.

Handling Dry Skin in the Cooler Months

October 13, 2017

Using the AquaphorⓇ Ointment Body Spray

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As we get into the cooler months, it's important to keep the skin hydrated. It can definitely be tough in the dry desert here in Arizona. In addition, when it's dry and cold, it is honestly the worst combination for my skin because I end up itchy and super dry.

As someone who has used AquaphorⓇ for years, I genuinely trust the brand when it comes to moisture. They have 90+ years of skin healing expertise, and they're the#1 dermatologist recommended brand. They typically gentle products, clinically proven, hypoallergenic, paraben free and fragrance free. What more can we ask for!?

Their latest endeavor is this new AquaphorⓇ Ointment Body Spray which has an immediate soothing effect helping to relieve dry, rough skin. Now this is something you absolutely need this season. Since most of us aren't extremely flexible, it's super easy to apply, even on those hard to reach places. I'm looking at you upper back! I always have to do some odd stretches and try to get every corner but it seems near impossible without help. Now we can easily just spray this. It's ideal for the arms and legs which seem to always be drier than the rest of my body.

This is a standing close up of the AquaphorⓇ Ointment Body Spray, surrounded by roses.

The biggest benefit is that this is clinically proven to relieve very dry skin, and it helps keep the dryness away all day. Alongside that huge benefit, it helps to give the skin a radiant and healthy looking glow. I love spraying this all over my body!

AquaphorⓇ Ointment Body Spray is in the center on its side, of the photo surrounded by flowers.

How do you moisture?

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I am sitting her itching my dry skin. I am terrible at rubbing in lotion but this is something I could definitely do!

I love using a body spray to moisturize my body! I have never heard of this brand before, but I love that it has water in its name! This sounds perfect for me!

I love that it’s clinically proven to relieve very dry skin. My skin get horrible during the winter months.

Oh my gosh, this sounds so handy! I have really dry skin and especially during winter, it gets really bad. I love this idea.

This is the first time I knew about this brand. We really need something that extremely moisturizes the skin during cooler season. This brand looks nice. (Gee Villaruz)

With the winter season coming, it’s an essential beauty regime for us to moisturize. I use body lotion and hand cream to keep my skin hydrated. However, I hate the tacky feeling when I sweat.

This is just awesome!!! Its such a thick cream that coming in spray form is so conveinent!! Its super soothing in the winter months and I look foeward to trying it soon!!

That’s something that I’m going to need during the colder months of the year! I think it’s really awesome to have a product so reliable when it comes to taking care of our skin. Thanks for the intro!

I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* Aquaphor products! They are totally our go-to’s in winter weather – we’ve already started using the ointment on the girls’ lips as temps turn cooler. Did not know about this spray form, though – great tip!

This is my least favorite part about cold weather. Dry skin is the worst. Sounds like a great product though!

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We had Aquaphor before and I love it. I like the idea of the spray but I think it’s not available here in the Philippines

Now I have to admit that I would love to try the Aquaphor Ointment Body Spray. It would seem to go on a lot smoother to me. Thanks for sharing this awesome way to moisturizer dry skin.

I’ve never used spray moisturizer but this stuff looks fabulous! Maybe it’s time to make the switch- sure would be easier!!

i dont think i’ve seen this around, but this makes me very curious to give it a try. my skin gets so dry in the winter and could use every bit of moisture!

We also love Aquaphor. I have never seen a spray in the stores. I am definitely going to look for it when I am shopping. Thanks for sharing.

I have to get some of this! My skin gets incredibly dry and irritated in the winter months. Thanks for the heads up!

This is an awesome way to keep our skin moisturized. I must admit I get lazy sometimes to rub lotion on my skin. A spray moisturizer would be great to have.

Sprays or one of the best inventions ever! And I’ve tried a lot of creams and there are a few that really do the trick, I can’t wait to try this product

I have never tried this product. Sounds like a great one though. I will have to check it out especially since cool weather has arrived.

What a fantastic idea! I love the idea of being able to apply moisturizer everywhere. (I actually injured my shoulder trying to put on sunscreen once!)

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