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Harry’s, The Riverfront, and the Farewell

Let’s continue the strolling through downtown Wilmington, shall we?

When we all decided we were ready for a break after our morning meeting, we went for a stroll to lunch. Along the way, we stopped to peruse the inside of the Hotel Du Pont. It is also located downtown and known for its timeless, classic, and breath-taking interior.

If you look closely, you’ll notice there are figures on each of these light posts that are in the shape of women.

Modern, yet classic and timeless. Pretty cool, huh?

Next, we ventured to the Riverfront Market.

Our destination was Harry’s Seafood Grill for lunch.

If you can see my reflection above, you’ll notice I’m wearing a black and white striped dress from the Loft.

I really liked the fish art on the wall as well as the starfish on the ceiling. The entire restaurant was well-decorated and showed its appreciation for seafood more than most restaurants. 

If you’ll take a look at the picture below, you will notice the date on the menu says June 25th. That was the date and day we were in the restaurant for lunch so it’s clear they print menus daily. Although it may be be “environment-friendly” I think it is pretty cool because it tells you the fish is fresh and the menu changes depending on availability and freshness. Love it!

I was not feeling particularly adventurous so I went with just a standard beef burger. We still had hours of meetings left and I wasn’t going to risk trying seafood and possibly being sick the rest of the day. When you’re traveling on business, you have to play it smart.

This is Harry’s fresh strawberry-rhubarb lemonade. It’s similiar to a regular strawberry lemonade, but much much better. It’s not as sweet and overpowering as your typical artificially sweetened strawberry lemonade and has a fresh kick of lemon in it (that’s what half a lemon will do!)

After lunch, we walked around the vicinity of the restaurant (along the Riverfront.)

These birdhouses were quite adorable and deserve recognition because I think they’re awesome!

After exploring the Riverfront by Harry’s, we ran into this cool looking ship a few blocks away. 

I just love the detail!

Once we done exploring the Riverfront area, we meandered back to the offices to finish off the rest of the meetings. As you can imagine, meetings make you hungry so once we finished the day we were ready for more food. Since it was 5 o’clock, it was time for some drinks as well!

We walked a few blocks to the Chelsea Tavern.

We all tried different local beers and I found a local beer that had an ABV of 18%. Specifically, the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA. I tried a sample of it and I could tell from one sip that a full glass of it would knock me on my ass. That’s why I decided not to go that route and went for something more mellow (I don’t recall exactly what that was now, but it was good!) 

For dinner, I had a Grilled Chicken and Asparagus salad which had sweet corn relish, roasted red peppers, beefsteak tomatoes, baby arugula, and a side of honey-dijon vinaigrette. It was a delicious salad and one I wish was available in all restaurants. I do admit I end up modifying salads which ends up costing more in the end. I would love to see a chicken and asparagus salad become more practical in Arizona restaurants. Can we make this happen please?

Their menu is wonderful and can be found here. If you’re in the downtown Wilmington area and feel like having a delicious, classy dinner in a casual and cool environment, I recommend the Chelsea Tavern. You won’t regret it!

After dinner, we were told we just HAD to try the best ice cream on earth. We were given instructions and told to drive to a farm several miles away in the opposite direction of our hotel. It was not close, but one of my colleagues is addicted to ice cream. His exact words were “If my family and I have enough money for food or ice cream, we will buy ice cream every time.” So as you can probably imagine, he was all over this recommendation and we had to go for the drive. Don’t worry, I wasn’t complaining!

The Woodside Farm Creamery is an enchanting, beautiful place in Delaware. The creamery is located on a farm that produces this fresh delicious ice cream daily.

Judging by the line that was outside the front door, we knew it had to be some pretty amazing stuff.

After about thirty minutes of waiting, we finally had our ice cream. We devoured it pretty quickly because it was hands down, the best ice cream we have ever had. I’m not sure if it’s the fresh factor or what kind of cream we are talking here, but this was just absolutely delicious. Below you will see the remnants of my two scoops (peppermint chip and cookies & cream.) 

The property was beautiful and had kids playing soccer, families chatting and filling the air with happy laughter, and everyone wiping their sticky hands on their shorts. It was truly a lovely environment and I’m glad we made the drive. 

Alas all good things must come to an end, including this trip. Thank you so much Wilmington & the Brandywine for having us- it was really a wonderful trip and I’m so thankful to have witnessed all the beauty and nature your destination has to offer.

When are you planning your trip to northern Delaware?