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Hasta La Vista Dry Hands!

Did you say dry hands? Well say ‘hasta la vista‘ to that rough ole’ dryness because here are two incredible hand creme products that will moisturize those bad boys right up. I like to use the combination of the two to get the best results.

Soap & Glory’s Righteous Body Butter: (on the right above) This is the ($6) 1.7 ounce package, but I recently also purchased the ($22) 10.1 ounce package. I find this smaller container easier for travel or thrown into a handbag for on-the-go moisture. It has a similiar scent to Nivea cremes but with a fruitier and fresher twist. Their packages specifically say this is the “very dry skin formula” which is perfect for dry hands and dry skin like mine. It’s best applied on freshly washed damp skin. So after you shower, slab on the moisture, and let your skin absorb it all in. You’ll smell nice too!

L’Occitane Hand Cream: These hand creams are some of the best quality hand creams out there. The price of these ranges from $12-$18 for a one ounce package (ouch!) But I promise you it’s totally worth it. My specific hand cream is rose tenderness and has a delicate rose scent, almost as if you are sniffing a rose garden. It’s comprised of shea butter and helps to seriously moisturize those course hands we tend to have in hot summers and freezing winters. My desert hands soak up the moisture so quickly and help sooth my eczema as well so I highly recommend this hand cream. This one is also perfect for your handbag!

Which hand creams do you use to combat dry skin?