THE Hotel in New York City

Standing at the Rooftop Bar with Champagne in my dark blue Ted Baker dress.

THE Hotel in New York City

September 22, 2017

THE Hotel in New York City

After my incredible stay at the YOTEL Hotel in Boston, I wanted to stay at their hotel in New York City. This is the original YOTEL, so it was amazing to get a chance to stay in the property and experience what started the YOTEL magic. From the moment I walked into the YOTEL in New York City, I felt welcome. As I walked through the doors, I was greeted and asked if I was familiar with YOTEL. On the ground floor, you will find the machines to check in and get your room keys. Once you get your keys, you'll get on the elevator which takes you to the fourth (4th) floor. The 4th floor is where the hotel reception is located, the coffee bar and the restaurant.

I was on the 21st floor this time at YOTEL and it was the most incredible view of the city. Keep in mind this was my absolute first time in the city, so this view was breath-taking and just incredible to me. It was unlike any other view.

The YOTEL NYC is located at:

570 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10036

It was centrally located, only a 10 minute walk from Times Square, so we were centrally located.

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This is an incredible skyline shot of New York City.

One of the most comforting things about Yotel is the purple lights. Every day and night we returned back to the hotel, I could see the comforting purple lights from down the street. It became a sign of good sleep and relaxation to myself and Tonya. 

Alongside the purple lights, when we went to the 4th floor and sat outside on the patio, we were surrounded by incredible skyscrapers. More of the New York City charm, all in one incredible hotel.

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Skylines in NYC

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This is a close up of my Fossil watch and Fossil bracelets.

In terms of the pros, the hotel was well located (10 minute walk form Times Square.) The views were incredible. When it comes to the staff, they were more incredible than I ever could have imagined because each and every single staff member was more helpful than the next. Always in a good mood, and always willing to help me. 

When it comes a YOTEL, you can easily think affordable luxury. The cabins (this is the term used for rooms) are all simplistic but have everything you need including an iron and blowdryer. These types of amenities are things we take for granted, but it makes a huge difference if it's in the room or not.

There is shampoo and conditioner in the rooms, but make sure to remember you lotion and hand cream. This was one element not available in the room.  I stayed in the premium queen view, and that is why the view both in day time and night time were breath-taking. It was so cool to see the city evolve from day to night. The hustle and bustle of New York City is definitely a thing. One of the reasons I really love working with YOTEL is because the smart bed is so comfortable and makes the entire room more efficient. It goes from a couch to a bed in just a couple of seconds. 

There's a rooftop bar, a regular bar and a restaurant. The hotel has a Chase bank located close to it, the CUTEST . brunch spot ever, and a Walgreens & Duane Reade for any pharmaceutical needs. There's even a Dry Bar right on one corner of the hotel building, for that emergency touch-up or hairstyling. Truly everything you could need all in one great hotel. 

Have you ever stayed at YOTEL before?