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6 Ways to Decorate Your Bar Cart for the Holidays

I decorated my bar cart for the holidays with a stocking, some flower lights, pinecones and ribbon throughout!

6 Ways to Decorate Your Bar Cart for the Holidays

November 30, 2019

If you’ve been around these parts or watch my Instagram stories, you know my bar cart was one of my favorite projects when we first moved into our house (almost a year ago!) I knew I wanted it to be fully stocked, so if a guest came over we'd have options. Oh you want some gin and tonic? Or an old fashioned? Vodka lemonade? You got it. We have a wide, two-shelf bar cart that has a ton of different mixers, alcohols, and knickknacks. Since it's the most wonderful time of the year, I've partnered with a few girls so we can all share our unique style and how we uniquely decorate our own bar carts for the holidays. Make sure to check out their decor too!

Add a Stocking

The easiest way to just spice up the cart itself is to find a stocking (or a wreath) and just hang it on one side of the cart. I found this stocking in Aaron's old Christmas decor from years ago and added it to the left side. It instantly made the entire cart look more festive. 

 Decorate with Lights

One of my favorite decorative pieces last year were these cute flower shaped lights. Since we weren't going to use them elsewhere, I decided they were the perfect length to add a little bit of cheer to the cart itself. I started at the bottom and wrapped it on the top shelf first and then swung it seamlessly down to the bottom shelf in the back (that way it's festive in the back too).

Throw in Some Pinecones

There's something festive, fun and fresh about pinecones and it wasn't until I was putting this cart together that I realized they are such a nice touch. Not to mention, they're totally free. I went outside to our pine tree and just grabbed a few of the stragglers on the ground, washed them off, let them dry a bit and then placed them throughout the cart. I also made sure they all stood straight up.

Pop on Some Bows & Ornaments

Another lucky find in the box of holiday tricks: lots of bows. I think putting a few of them on a few bottles and around the cart makes it seem like more of the items are presents which is super festive and adds another layer of decor. I also found this silver tree, which threw a really fun pop of silver and class into the entire cart. I love silver so it was the perfect addition.

A couple of bar cart essentials are the tools you need to make the drinks, and of course some to store the ingredients.

A cocktail mixer is crucial to crafting the perfect cocktails (especially Aaron's old fashioneds) and I love this one. It matches our hatch mixing glass, which has added the perfect touch of sophistication to our cart. It's chic, but also really sturdy and helps keep the ice cold inside. A bar toolset is another necessity, and I love that this one comes with an ice bucket. It has amazing reviews, and makes a wonderful gift for someone who likes to entertain, host or just generally has a lot of cocktail lovers in their home!

Below you'll find a few more fun bar carts from my friends. Head to the very end of the post to head to their posts too, since they all have different styles from me making this so versatile, fun and unique to each of our homes!

Bar carts are such a great way to entertain guests and add some decor to your home. I take a lot of pride in my bar cart, so I'm always switching it up as the seasons change and adding new and fun beverages and accessories. Be sure to follow my home account, casadeada over on Instagram, to stay updated on my favorite cocktail recipes, and what I'm switching up on my bar cart! 

I'd love to know, what is your favorite item on your bar cart? 

For more bar cart inspiration, check out a few of my friends' carts too:

Lee from LegalLee Blonde with a lot of fun ornaments and innovative trinkets like glass writers!

Jess from Miss Moore Style with a sparkly, fun bar cart.

Channing from the Chan Chic with gorgeous garland & lights.

Jessica from The Celebration Stylist with an elegant gold bar cart (gold is always a good idea!)

Nicholle from Top Knots and Pearls with a nice mix of gold & silver bar cart.

This is a collage of 6 different bar carts decorated for the holidays.

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Those bar carts are so lovely! It sure is perfect for entertaining. As long as you have all the stuff your guests might need to mix their drinks, that is perfect. This bar cart is such an awesome idea. It will free up my time and I can mingle with the guests instead of staying in the kitchen making more juice for the cocktail.

I am loving all of the different designs for decorating your bar cart! So cute and so adorable for when you are hosting holiday parties 🙂

I just WANT a bar cart, lol! I still have lots of teenagers in the house, so I will wait a few more years. My friend has a bar cart and a tea cart. I love both. I have a tea area, but it doesn’t hold a candle to her perfectly decorated cart. Yours is as beautiful as hers!

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