How I Manage a Corporate Job & Full Time Blogging

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How to Manage a 9-5 & Full Time Blogging

March 29, 2018

Multi-Tasking 24/7

Every single time I tell someone in the blogging industry I have a 9-5, or what I call a "corporate job", they are surprised. It's not shocking because so many people in the blogosphere have a day job, but usually when they're starting out or getting past the 100,000 follower mark. Once you get into a larger following, it's almost impossible to manage it all on your own AND have a job. A lot of ladies I have known over the past 5 years have left their jobs to pursue their dream and be a full time blogger. I've written about this before, and while I like the idea of doing only one, I love my day job and I don't want to quit. So I make it all work. It's not easy, don't get me wrong but it's worth it to me. So let's dive into how the magic happens. 


1. Hire help. 

Over the past 5 years, I learned the hard lesson of letting go of control of every single detail and delegating work to others. Hiring a team is one of the most freeing things that could have happened because there is no way to do everything. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your brand. It's also usually not built by 1 person. There's a significant other involved, friends and family. Nothing is done alone so why make yourself sleep 2 hours a day when you can instill trust and get help from people you love? 

At my corporate job, I have an Account Associate who helps on a day to day basis with all of my accounts. She is a total lifesaver and this allows me to travel for the blog. You probably saw my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta? This was a trip specific for the blog, so in order for me to relax and actually take a vacation, I need backup back in the office. 

2. Realize you're 1 person.

There is no way on this earth you can get to everything you may need to get to, so realizing early on that you are just 1 person is so important. It allows you to be less hard on yourself when there's really nothing you can do. Whether I wake up at 6 AM or not, it doesn't matter because I will never get through everything I needed to do that day. There's always more work to be done. It never ends. Once you learn that, you can treat yourself with the respect and care you deserve and go about your day knocking to dos off your list, without feeling quite so anxious and stressed all the time. 

3. Be realistic.

If you have an event at 5 PM, and you're trying to squeeze in a meeting from 4-5 PM, you're probably going to have to leave the meeting early or be late to the 5 PM event. 

4. Plan.

The best way to make things fit into your schedule is to plan. If I have overlapping meetings, I need to fix that scheduling ahead of time. Not the day of when I'll already be running around manic. I also like to plan when I will eat lunch and dinner, get my haircut, get my teeth cleaned, etc. In order to make 92343846734 things work at once, you need to be a planner to some degree. I'm not saying plan every single moment of tomorrow, but have the big picture items in your mind or in your calendar.

I treat my Google Calendar like my assistant. It's my constant reminder to do X, and make sure to call Y, and then email Z the paperwork from last week. It's the best way to manage all the different tasks we have going on at any given point.

5. Be organized.

I am one of those people who has a chaotic office (both corporate and home) but I know where everything is. You know that pair of tweezers I was using before I filmed my last YouTube video? They're under the new pile of clothes on the right side of my desk, under the greeting cards next to the new skincare products I'm testing. It's organized chaos, and while it looks like straight chaos, it's really not to me. Something I'm working on at the moment is making this organized chaos a bit less chaotic so someone else can jump in and help with the day to day tasks. 

6. Have fun.

It's great to be motivated and want to work all the time but you need to be having fun doing it all. If you dread getting up in the morning, feel a lack of energy in the middle of the day or just feel overworked, it's important to take a step back and recognize if it's worth it. You cannot sacrifice your health and happiness and if you do not feel great the majority of the time, something's got to give. It's just not worth it, so make sure to have fun. Take a vacation from both jobs. Give yourself a break. Digital detox, unplug from all inboxes and so forth. Don't get me wrong. Some days are harder than others, but if you are consistently feeling awful and just drained, it's not a good thing anymore.

7. Be motivated.

I asked the fiancé what he thought was a big factor when it came to me being able to do both jobs, and he said motivation and specifically, the drive to succeed. If you are not self-motivated and willing to work hard, working both jobs will probably not be the best solution for you. 

8. Prioritize.

While I want to be doing 9374873 things at once, I cannot because there's only so much time and so much my team can do. We have to prioritize based on what is most important, and as a business owner and someone in the corporate world, you really have to prioritize. Do you stay late to finish a proposal at work? Or do you go home to take a photo for a blog campaign? I get caught in these predicaments, but I knock out both needs regardless of what I have doing on, because both are important to me.

Finally, I will say that while you may have all the qualities to do both for years, it doesn't necessarily mean you should. It has to work for your corporate job, your business and for your wellbeing. My moto has always been work hard, play harder because I enjoy working and being busy. If I am not working on something, I genuinely feel like I am wasting time so whether it's corporate job related or blog related, I am always doing something to ensure I am moving forward in some capacity. This is not the mentality and mindset for every single individual, so do what feels right for you. This is simply a recap of how I am able to do both.

Are you working a 9 to 5 and managing a blog?

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What an inspiration. I have to agree with understanding that you’re only one person. A lot of the times I take on more projects than I should, and it’s not fair to my family because oftentimes the projects cut into family time.

Love all your tips! I use to work a corporate job and have my blog but left that job a little over a year ago. For me there was no such thing as a 9-to-5. I would work 10-14 hour days at my job and then work on my blog at night. Now I’m a full-time mom and run my blog and still so many of the same tips apply!

xo, Laura

Kudos to you how you are managing both jobs.. Use of google calendar is very good thing to oraganize your daily tasks. Keep sharing such motivating post.

Hiring a help is definitely my take away. I recently paid someone for a guest post because I was busy and I wanted new content on my blog. I am also debating right now whether to pay a designer or not.

I love all of these tips. I’m almost done working on my 9-5 daytime job (in the lab) and will start working at home (well, have been working at home part-time for awhile). Blogging so far is still a hobby for me, which I am earning since I’m getting sponsored post requests, and it’s fun! Having a great plan to manage 9-5 job and blogging (and life as a husband) is really helpful. It means that you know how to manage your time. 😀

I also have a “day job” which some days is 9 hours and other days 15. Plus we own 4 horses and I blog with a large following. It is very difficult to make it all work and with 2 special needs kids. But yes it is possible – you have to really mind your time and plan properly. I have to admit though I am often completing tasks at the last possible moment and on a rare occasion have taken a vacation day from my day job just to catch up with no kids around. But it works out.

I’m a SAHM to two little boys and I’m on year 2 of my blog. It’s definitely hard to balance somedays because there just aren’t enough hours.

These are some really great tips. I have a business and blog and I find it so hard to balance the two. You seem to be doing an incredible job!

It’s hard to try to balance both — so big ups to you for doing so. I have to agree that hiring help is key, that and staying organized as well.

These are great tips. I’m lucky I can work from home. I would imagine it would get tricky blogging while having a full time job.

I had a 9-5 for 4 years while doing my blog (plus a weekend cocktailing job because I am clearly a workaholic and it was fun!). It’s so much work and requires being organized and making some sacrifices. There’s definitely days I do wish I still had my day job. I loved it, and the healthcare benefits, 401K etc. It’s not always greener on the other side!

xo Jessica
My Style Vita

Isn’t it amazing how much we can get done if we put our minds to it? Number 5 is so me, organized chaos lol. Trying to get better at that though, but we’ll see 🙂

I loved reading this!!! I really need to learn to be more organized and I need to hire help too! Thanks for sharing this!!

Honestly I also work a full time 9-5 job and work on the weekends and somehow manage to crank out 30-40 hours for the blog. I honestly feel like i need like 30 hours a day to finish it all. But I really loved readint his.

I have a 7 to 7 job and work on weekends as well.. I just started blogging a month ago and I am overwhelmed. I need a 20 hour day to be able to finish my to do list. It is really challenging but I love my day job and my after hour blogging 🙂 I will definitely follow your tips!

I have a 9-5 jpb which I loathe with all my heart.i am over workef and under paid. Guess I am scared to go blogging full time.

You are so awesome. I love you post. I am having my goal to have a corporate job and a full time blogger at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

Great tips. Finding time is always an issue if you are also working. Hiring help is a great ide or turn to friends that are willing help. Being organized helps so much too.

I have not really hired anyone to do anything for me other than create the site. It certainly was not something I could do alone. I need to hire others more often to do other things for me.