How to Decorate Your Home with Memories

This is a close up of our custom Mixbook canvas print.

How to Decorate Your Home with Memories

June 12, 2019

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by, Mixbook.

Ever since becoming homeowners, we’ve really been doing a lot around the house to make it more homey. Want to hear something crazy? Aaron and I had no photos of us in our old apartment and before Mixbook, we had none in our new home. The unusual thing is that I’ve got thousands of photos of myself for various campaigns, outfit photos, and so forth, but minimal of the two of us because he’s a bit camera shy. I remember when we got engaged, my best friend Kelly made a cute display of all of our photos together for the engagement party, and there were only about 9 or 10 photos total, so she had to use a few of the photos twice to finish off her collage.. She ended up zooming in on a few of the photos to make it seem like two different ones and put them on opposite ends of the collage. It made me laugh (and also cry of course) but it’s so funny that we don’t take more photos. I try to ask for photos of us when others are around because he’s less likely to say no (this is how you trick your significant others everyone haha!) and this seems to work on occasions like Christmas. I understand he’s not a fan of photos (neither am I 100% of the time if I’m perfectly honest) so I don’t really force it at all. It also makes the photos of us, even sweeter because they’re few and far in between.

Discovering Mixbook made creating artwork for the house so simple, and super easy. Gone are the days where I have to go to a drug store and leave the film, then wait a few days for it to be processed, then try to come up with a photo collage. I’m so glad for that, the future is really calling my name. I honestly wish I had found Mixbook sooner because I would’ve had all kinds of custom wall art and photo books made with my own photos, over the years. The magical thing about Mixbook is that you can pull images directly from your Instagram page (among other convenient sources), which is the easiest way to do it because all my trips are organized in such a way that I can pull those images in one timeframe quickly. Rather than going through my phone and trying to find the album, then having to re-edit the photo, I can easily just grab the specific images I love from Instagram and start organizing what the canvas artwork will look like.

This is what makes Mixbook so special. It not only helps us decorate our house with amazing artwork, but it’s artwork that lets us relive memories we treasure near and dear to our hearts. I’ve already found the perfect home for these, and because we have a lot of large artwork throughout the house, I liked the versatility of either putting these on a shelf (or desk) or hanging them on the wall. The nature collage fits perfectly above the fireplace, and the candles we have on the shelf made it blend so beautifully. Since we seem to find a lot of photos together during golden hour, the other collage is a bit more orange so the hues went really well on Aaron’s bookshelf.

So easy you can do this right from your phone, and shipping only takes a few days. I really do feel these pieces I created with my own photos tie our living room together, as well as Aaron’s office. Something about photos makes the space more meaningful because you’re constantly reminding of great memories that made you so happy. Whether it was travel, something like snow in Tucson, or just a snap of you and your Mr, the memories make you feel more joy as you step inside your house. Mixbook just made that joy a lot easier.


This is a photo of me sitting on my phone, as I decide which photos to add to my next Mixbook collage.

If you’re interested in making some of your own art, head to my Instagram post as there’s a giveaway going on over there where you can win $100 Mixbook credit.

What kind of photos would you put in your own collage?