How to Easily Decorate for Halloween

Pumpkins are pouring out of barrels, and effortlessly creating beautiful fall decor.

How to Easily Decorate for Halloween

October 20, 2019

How to Quickly Make Your Home Spooky

I love decorating for any holiday but I especially love Halloween. Not to mention I'm all about using what I already have at home, and making the takedown and clean up more efficient. If you’re looking for ways to decorate your home for an upcoming Halloween party, or for the trick-or-treaters, we’ve got some easy decor tips to make this fun and quick! Let's dive into the specifics.

Plants are in hand painted skeleton pots, and propped up on an outdoor shelf.

Front Porch

The front porch is something that can be easily decorated, without too much time or effort. We have a wreath we hang every Halloween, and we always get a ton of compliments on it. There are so many options at HomeGoods and Target, and they're also really easy (and fun!) to make if you're looking for a DIY project. Another easy DIY project for the front porch is a doormat, which can be made using a doormat from the dollar store and some stencils and spray paint. Some of my favorites so far are "the witch is in" and "welcome witches." There's some cute ones I've seen from local business owners that say "hey there pumpkin" which is just adorable.


Pumpkins are the quickest and easiest way to decorate, even if you just prop them up on your doorstep. If you’re not hitting the pumpkin patch, Trader Joe’s has a plethora of pumpkins. I used to be all about the perfect pumpkin, but I’ve come to love the ones with all the colors and warts (which I’ve learned are called Knuckle Heads). They have a little more quirkiness, and character, and there's so much more fun to carve too.

If you’re looking to personalize them and want to skip out on the gutting and carving, painting your pumpkins is a great option. My friend Meredith taught me this, and it’s a lot more fun than pulling out the insides of a pumpkin. All it takes is a few paintbrushes and some acrylic paint and voilá! 

Ada added some mini pumpkins in the dining area just to give the space a little fall flair too. There's something super cute about mini pumpkins and gourds in different colors and sizes. Another thing you can grab easily at TJ's!

Bar Cart

A few mini pumpkins and a "pick your potion" sign can really spruce up the bar area. I picked up these lights from Target that add a great Halloween touch to the bar. They also had a ton of cute napkins that I grabbed as well! 

Living Room

Putting candy out is an easy way to decorate for the season while satisfying your sweet tooth. I fill apothecary jars with Reese's pieces and Reese's cups because they're delicious and the perfect color decor for Halloween. If you're looking for something salty and sweet, mix in a bag of candy corn with some peanuts. 

We have a few fabric pumpkins sitting around the fireplace, and a banner hanging above that says "Happy Halloween." They're varying styles of fabric in the shades black and white, but my favorite one is the furry white pumpkin with white sequins that I grabbed from HomeGoods a while back. I've seen some people fill the fireplace with a ton of tall white candles, which is also super cute and great decor beyond just Halloween.

Fabric pumpkins (or painted pumpkins) also look great on shelves, and in the center of the coffee table or dining area. 

Guest Bathroom

I fill the guest bathroom with festive hand towels, a fall candle, and update my chalkboard to one of my favorite quotes from Hocus Pocus. I have so many Halloween quotes going right now, but I can't help it. It's one of my favorite holidays! 

Pumpkins of various sizes and colors are stacked on top of one another, at Trader Joe's.

I find my decorations in the dollar section at Target and HomeGoods, and they never disappoint. I used to love cobwebs, but now I consider it TPing my own house because they're so difficult to take down (expert tip!) In order to make the clean-up easier, I like to think about how I'm going to take everything down in a few weeks. That determines what's a good decor choice, and what I can skip.

Do you have any tips on decorating your home for Halloween?

I'd love to hear where you grab your home decor, and how you decorate!