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How to Find the Perfect at Home Facial Device

This is a pretty flat lay image of the FOREO UFO 2 Device in Adaleta Avdic's Guest Bathroom.

How to Find the Perfect at Home Facial Device

June 24, 2021

This post is in partnership with the Swedish Brand FOREO. All opinions remain my own.

If you’ve been around my little corner of the Internet, you know I have spoken about the UFO 2 by the Swedish brand FOREO before (reference this post) because I am a huge advocate for professional at home devices that can really bring the spa to you. Why? Well it makes it much more accessible and you don’t have to book an appointment and go into an office -  it’s more cost effective long-term. My favorite plan is to essentially have this at-home device and then go in to get facial treatments every quarter. When it comes to a professional at home spa treatment, this is it for you. Not to mention I love the technology and innovation of FOREO devices.

One of the many things I love about the UFO 2 smart masking device is that you can use it on top of your skincare as it enhances the product by infusing it into the deepest layers of the skin. It does so by opening up pores and loosening the sebum on the surface of the skin allowing for ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin and then locks them in! Although you can use it to apply serums, creams and moisturizers, I just love the whole array of masks they have - and everyone can find one that suits their skin needs!

What are the FOREO UFO Activated Face Masks?

FOREO offers so many masks - each targeting a specific skin need and concern.  I’m sure everyone can find one that’s tailored to their needs but I’ve listed a few of my favorites below!

Make My Day 

This mask provides deep hydration, but also combines with pollution protection for radiant skin. To me, it has a similar approach to skin as vitamin C serum does in the AM. With the energizing element of the mask, it helps to give skin that refreshed complexion and a bit of a complexion glow. I love using this mask in the morning as it infuses moisture into the skin and helps to give an insane amount of hydration. It works as an amazing primer for my makeup but also protects the skin from radicals with that anti-pollution barrier.

Call It A Night 

For this particular formulation, I find it nourishing but also revitalizing because it replenishes skin overnight. I use it before sleep and I wake up with supremely hydrated skin. Because I have some chronic under-eye darkness, this mask also helps to combat that significantly with it’s brightening effect, while also energizing skin for a refreshed complexion and healthy glow. It’s also formulated with one of my all-time favorite ingredients - Vitamin C.

Matte Maniac

In case your skin appears oily, or shiny, you’re looking for something to mattify. This one helps to mattify and purify the skin giving the most clean, healthy-looking skin with just one mask use. Because my skin tends to be more combo, this helps me really reduce the oil.The mask helps to support skin’s natural oil balance which is definitely a gift. It’s hard to find products that can balance your oil production, they usually either dry out the cheek area or make my T-zone oily. It’s definitely a given!


As we transitioned from winter to spring, there are definitely some adjustments for the skin. This is the perfect time to use this mask because it gives an instant and intense infusion of moisture for smoother, much more supple skin. Not to mention it does deliver long-lasting hydration to soothe dry skin. 

Youth Younkie

Oftentimes when I am looking for skincare directed towards me, I’m looking for anti-aging. Simply because I want to be proactive, but I also find this particular mask helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while also improving skin’s elasticity and restoring that youthful plumpness. If you’re looking for a little hydration boost, while also wanting to conceal some signs of aging, this is the perfect one to slap on to your UFO 2 because you’ll see the results.

Bulgarian Rose

Hydration is so important when it comes to skincare because hydration is the key to youthful and glowing skin long-term. Dry skin is what causes fine lines and wrinkles because it really tightens the skin overall. Infused with all-natural rose water, rose is so excellent with soothing skin. Not to mention this lightweight mask treatment really takes skin from dull and dry to hydrated and glowy very quickly. 

Green Tea

One of my favorite ingredients when it comes to skincare because green tea just has a beautiful effect on the skin, especially because it is especially purifying. It also protects skin, leaving it looking healthy and radiant, while soothing it when it gets irritated by environmental stressors. Green tea is also rich in antioxidants which helps protect and rejuvenate the skin appearance.

Coconut Oil

A super nourishing ingredient, coconut oil really takes hydration to the next level as it is a rich natural source of fatty acids and emollient properties, giving that deep nourishing effect. This level of hydration leaves skin significantly softer, smoother and more radiant. Not to mention it brings to life dull and tired skin (which we all need after the long winter.)

How to use the FOREO UFO 2 Activated Masks

  1. Download the FOREO app onto your phone. Once you’ve set up your account, make sure your UFO 2 is paired with your app.
  2. Choose your mask. Depending on what your skin is going through, you’ll want to pick one that will give you the most benefit in the current state of your skin. Two of my go-tos are “Call it a Night” and “Make my Day”.
  3. Scan the barcode of your individual mask using your app on your phone. Also, as a side note you can make your own custom routine to be used without a UFO-activated mask, with any other sheet mask or other skincare.
  4. Secure the mask accordingly onto the device. The edge that extends a bit goes into the corner where the attachment ring will fall into place. 
  5. Begin your treatment by pressing “Start” within the app.
  6. Relax, and follow the instructions given to you by the app.

My favorite UFO 2 activated mask - GREEN TEA

Today I’ll be walking you through my Green Tea Mask treatment which happens to be one of my favorite FOREO UFO 2-activated masks. It’s from FOREO’s Farm to Face collection for which they’ve sourced premium natural ingredients all over the globe. These hydrocell masks are all 100% plant-based and full of nutrients. They’re also biodegradable and cruelty-free! 

The Green Tea mask is packed with Green Tea from Japan which is a known antioxidant that helps protect against environmental toxins. It helps purify and condition the skin barrier for a healthy and radiant glow! It also comes with Ulmus Davidana Root extract that’s widely used in Koren traditional medicine for its hydrating properties. I love that this mask, as well as all other F2F masks, are formulated without sulfates, parabens and have less than 1% synthetic fragrances.

The treatment starts by prepping your skin using gentle heat from UFO 2’s signature Thermo-therapy feature which opens up pores and helps absorb the full benefits of the mask. In the prepping stage it’s paired with Green LED light therapy that helps brighten a dull complexion. I just love the soothing heat as it feels so relaxing, just like I’m getting a treatment done professionally at a spa! 

The second stage of the treatment purifies the skin using FOREO’s signature T-sonic pulsations which help absorb the mask essence deeper into the skin by loosening the sebum on the skin’s surface. The gentle heat then transforms into UFO 2’s tried-and-true anti-inflammatory method - Cryo-Therapy. The cold therapy locks in all the mask benefits that were previously infused with the help of Thermo-Therapy as it shrinks pores, while tightening the skin. You can immediately see such a difference on your skin and this is only 90 seconds into the treatment! 

To wrap things up, Blue LED light therapy reduces the appearance of imperfections and then turns back to Green LED to even out skin tone leaving you with a flawless, healthy looking complexion.

What a dynamic device with so many incredible benefits and features, that really eliminates the need for so many additional tools. I’d love to know which of the features really call to you, because there’s so much to unpack and it’s incredible how easy it is to use.

What’s your favorite mask?

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It has been ages since I’ve used a face mask. My go-to has always been the Origins charcoal mask, but these Foreo activated masks sound phenomenal. I want to try them ALL now! I’m especially interested in the green tea and coconut oil ones. They both sound divine. I’m thinking I need a pamper night now haha!

Thanks for sharing these. I am always on the market for new masks to try.

Xx, Nailil

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