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How to Get the Perfect Self-Tan

This is a close up of Adaleta Avdic holding the Tan-Luxe THE GRADUAL Illuminating Gradual Tan Lotion

How to Get the Perfect Self-Tan

May 20, 2020

Add a Little Bronze into your Life

When it comes to tanning, I like to stay out fo the sun. I don't play games with the star. No thank you. If there's sun spots, redness and other issues involved with my skin, I am out. TAN-LUXE is based out of the UK, so it is classy, boujee (not ratchet.) The products feel luxurious, expensive and high quality as you apply to your skin. No questions asked.  


TAN-LUXE is a UK based brand that found custom tanning would be perfect for everyone. Each tan is totally customizable, and there's options in most sectors for face or body which gives you the opportunity not to clog your pores with a tan. Did I mention they focus on cruelty-free and non-toxic formulations and products?


This is very important to me personally because a body butter is typically really tough and thick on the skin, whereas an oil or serum is thinner and harder to control. I've had a lot more trouble blending thinner formulations into the skin evenly. Mainly because you can't really see them so you don't know where they've rubbed into specifically. 


Everyone says there's no smell, but they're lying. There is a smell, and it's glorious. It's not like the smell of you baking with an old school fake tanner or wearing tanning oil while you bake outside. This scent is fresh and not overbearing. 


The coverage of the gradual tan product is the best bang for your buck because you're 1) less luckily to mess it up 2) gives you a moisturizer and tanner in one 3) gives you beautiful tan coverage over the skin you run the formulation all over.


At $33 per bottle, you are really getting such a good deal because this product again is made in the UK which are significantly stricter guidelines than we do in the US. Not to mention it's cleaner and doesn't have all the crappy ingredients a lot of brand would have if they were made in the US. Being in Europe holds every beauty company even more liable, and on the line, when it comes to launches and the brand's products.

Skin Type

This is good for all skin types. No issues if your skin is oily, dry, combo or anything in between. It's formulated to fit the skin in the best way possible which means it won't clog your pores. The best part about TAN-LUXE is that they separate formulas for face and body. You never want to put a body formula on your face because likely, it's going to be too thick for the face.


It is a non-toxic, cruelty-free formulation. No methylisothiazolyine, no mineral oils (they're not good for skin), phthalates, sulphates or synthetic dyes. While this product has alcohol and fragrance (aka Parfum), it is made in the U.K. which does have much stricter policies and regulations on ingredients in beauty, food, etc. In the US, fragrance can have 100+ hidden ingredients within in, which is frightening. That is not possible with brands in other countries so we can rest easy.

What's your favorite tanning product? 

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Love a good self tan…haven’t tried most of these! Will be looking into trying some, thanks for sharing! xoxo, Sarah

I’ve heard good things about Tan-Luxe. Going to have to try it. I want a high quality look, not orange and streaky! xo

I’ve seen Tan-Luxe before and always wondered if it worked well! Also… your wrist tattoo is SO cool, honestly makes me want to get one.

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