How to Keep the Sweat at Bay

This is a close up of the new Dove Pear & Aloe Versa Antiperspirant and Dry Spray.
This is a full body shot of me in a pink lacey dress from Revolve, while in Portland Oregon.

How to Keep the Sweat at Bay

June 25, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Dove.

In case you haven't been here before, I am a sweaty Betty. I can be sitting in an air-conditioned room, and I will be sweating profusely. I've been told that my thyroid is hyperactive, then it's not performing enough, and then it's fine. At this point, I'm not entirely sure who to believe but listen... I sweat. I have to be cautious what kind of shirts and dresses I wear, because if the material is thin and the color is bright, my sweat stains are going to be embarrassing. To some degree, everyone here is a victim to sweat, but unfortunately it's not the same when you're indoors and sweating all day. Luckily I've been testing the brand new Dove Go Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera Antiperspirant. Both dry and stick formulation. Between the two I am taken care of each day.

The dry spray is paraben free and dye-free and absolutely one of my favorite things to throw on as I'm heading out the door. Since it's dry, it doesn't get on my clothes and it's a quick application with no fuss. It dries within a few seconds after applying and doesn't seem to sweat away as I go about my day. When it comes to the stick formulation, I like to apply this after I get out of the shower. The stick formulation is definitely stronger to me and helps get the sweat glands prepped overnight (since I shower at night) and therefore I don't need the dry formulation quite as often. I find myself using the dry formula when I have a lot of physical activity the following day (running copious miles, etc.) so it's definitely been a great match between the two. The stick formulations keeps you fresh and clean for up to 48 hours, which is a long assurance. The scent of pear and aloe vera is also extremely soothing.

5 things that make me sweat

Deadlines. There's nothing worse than deadlines, especially when you're so far behind already. Lately, it seems a deadline is thrown on me so last minute I can barely keep up, or get the work done in a timely manner I'm comfortable with.

Emotions. Whether I'm super happy, or extremely anxious, my body's reaction is to sweat. I find myself sweating in good conversations with friends, but also in nerve-wracking ones with coworkers.

Stress. This is a common one for all of us. When we're stressed or anxious about something, the body's natural reaction is to sweat. It's part of that fight or flight notion. 

Exercise. This is the best reason to sweat. It's logical and doesn't surprise you when you notice yourself damp from the moisture. In these extreme temperatures, I am running and doing outside workouts early in the day.

Desert. It's 110 degrees here on average, so you can expect all of us to sweat... quite a bit. Every summer I ask myself (and reconsider) why I live in the desert. It's not pleasant and you have to speed walk from AC to AC.

A few of my favorite ways to bring some freshness into my life is to apply antiperspirant every day, take two showers (especially now during the summer!), do some ice rolling on my face and body, bring a hydrating mist with me throughout the day and finally, drink a lot of ice cold water. When it comes to staying cool and refreshed, I make it priority so I don't feel like I'm boiling in my skin.

What keeps you cool, dry and protected during these warmer summer months?

Full body photo of me standing in a field of green and flowers in Portland, Oregon.
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