How to Make a Halloween Party Playlist

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How to Make a Halloween Party Playlist

October 26, 2019

For those of you keeping up with our 13 days of Halloween, you know we've been busy over here at the adaatude HQ.

Today's post is all about your Halloween party playlist. We took the liberty of making one for you, so take a peek at all the songs right here. Heck, download it and play it over the next week whenever you're doing something Halloween-y (think pumpkin carving, making pumpkin shaped cookies, prepping your kids' costumes for the big night, and so forth.) There's really no bad time to pop on this playlist in the next week, so have at it. You can thank Haley later, when you're jamming out while getting into the holiday spirit.

This is a breakdown of our 13 days of Halloween so far this month:

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October 25th Do a Halloween Candy Giveaway (this was solely on IG stories for 24 hours for those who watch consistently!)

October 26th Halloween Party Playlist

So far, which topic has been your favorite?