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How to (Properly) Target Aging Cells in the Skin

This is a flat lay photo fo the OneSkin Cleanser and Moisturizer which features the OS-01 peptide.

How to (Properly) Target Aging Cells in the Skin

August 17, 2023


This post is in partnership with OneSkin. As always, all opinions remain honest and my own.

A few months ago, OneSkin reached out to share their innovative skincare line and sent me their cleanser and moisturizer. After a few uses, I knew there was something special about what they had, especially as someone who gets hundreds of skincare products sent her way. 

Fast forward a few months, and I’ve been in awe of the science behind the products and want to share the knowledge with all of you, my skincare loving community.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind I am not a dermatologist or aesthetician. I am not certified in any professional capacity. I am a skincare fanatic who tests hundreds of products a year to see what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to know about. This is my personal experience. 

OneSkin prides themselves on the OS-01 peptide. To be frank, it is cutting edge technology that is geared towards improving cells that are for lack of better terms, stagnant and dying. It’s a true case of pro-longevity versus anti-aging because we can’t go against aging. Aging is going to happen to you, to me, to everyone we know. It’s a part of life. We age. However we can age more gracefully, and products that slow or help strengthen the stagnant cells is the best way to target. We’re about to get super granular and nerdy, because I love learning the science of the products I’m using on my skin. Let’s dive in.

But first, what is the OS-01 peptide?

The OS-01 peptide is scientifically proven to reverse the biological age of skin cells. Their team of PhD founders spent years in the lab working on this formula, and there's truly nothing else like it on the market. You know I am a sucker for innovation and trying products that are new to the market, to see if they’re worth the hype. It’s truthfully what gets me most excited about the beauty industry.

OS-01 works by switching off the senescent, or aging, cells. It transforms skin to behave like its younger self. It’s proven to reduce biomarkers of aging and reactivate the skin’s ability to synthesize collagen, rebuild epidermal integrity and renew total skin health. 

This incredible formulation focuses on improving the following things:

Improving barrier function and skin health

Reducing wrinkles and fine lines

Reducing age spots & improving skin tone

Skin firmness & elasticity

What is cellular senescence?

It is a cell state triggered by damage and stress in which a cell takes on irreversible functional and structural abnormalities. Senescent cells lose their regenerative potential and check out of normal function, which is where aging comes into play. They secrete proinflammatory molecules which then influence the healthy cells towards the same level of inactivity.

My experience with the products.

The OS-01 One Skin Prep Facial Cleanser is incredible. It reminds me of a beautiful combination of a cleansing oil, mixed with a cream. It’s a milky consistency, and it really foams up beautifully as you run your fingers over it. It has a richness that digs deep into the pores and cleanses the skin, without stripping it and leaving it bone dry. 

The OS-01 Face Topical Supplement is an essential moisturizer, and feels incredible formula wise. It’s a lightweight formulation that just absorbs beautifully into the skin. It has a light olivey scent to it which in my opinion is incredible, feels hydrating and nourishing on the skin. 

After using this duo at night, I wake up with plump skin. I’ve noticed a big difference in evenings where I use two different products for cleansing and moisturizing in comparison to this duo from OneSkin

The entire line focuses on the bad (senescent) cells which are essentially “bad apples.” We know how bad apples can affect everyone, so the key is to rid the skin of them by nurturing them.

What questions do you have regarding the OS-01 peptide? Is this something you’d try for yourself? 

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Shop OneSkin.

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