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How to Shop Luxury Beauty for 70% Off

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How to Shop Luxury Beauty for 70% Off

August 15, 2021


This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Beauty Pie. All opinions and thoughts remain my own.

What is Beauty Pie?

Think of  a service that cuts out the middleman cost. Even more clearly think of a Costco membership, but specifically for luxury beauty. That’s what Beauty Pie provides within a membership model. You become a member so you can shop luxury beauty products for a substantially discounted rate. Up to 70% off when it comes down to some of the products, which is major. Something we all need in our lives because let’s be honest. We all want to be on a champagne diet, with a beer budget and this is the same thing with beauty. You want the $150 serum, but you don’t want to pay that insane price tag. This is the best of both worlds. You can get that high quality ingredient and high efficacy for a lower price point. Because I am well versed in various ingredients and luxury products, I found that testing out Beauty Pie products has really blown me away and I’m shocked by the incredible pricing for members. A high quality vitamin C would typically be $120-$180 but you can get that at Beauty Pie (as a member) for $60.

A few of my favorite products from Beauty Pie cross a few categories. There’s some beauty products in the makeup and skincare space. Then we have body product, but also fragrance (candles and perfume) so you can find all sorts of products for yourself, as well as for those in your friends and family circle. 


Glow All Palette

Nothing more summery and youthful than having a gorgeous glow. Not to mention I am a highlight-aholic and love applying highlight all over the face. Whether it’s on the brow bones, inner corner of the eye, cheekbones, tip of the nose, Cupid’s bow, the list goes on and on. There’s always somewhere to apply just a little more highlight. That pop of color is unlike anything else when it comes to makeup. 

Some of my favorite elements of this palette are that it’s travel friendly. We love a multitasking product and I can use these colors for eyeshadow, along with all over the face. It’s long-lasting but each color is very pigmented. The matte bronzer really gives a gorgeous glow to the skin, and it’s easily blendable with a large fluffy brush. The two blush colors, rose and coral, give options but both look beautiful depending on the makeup look you’re going for on any given day. Champagne highlighter looks beautiful on skin tones, and this really works well. These formulas are also really smoothing and help make the skin look even more flawless.

Shade Names: Cool Beams (highlight), Buddha Bronze (bronzer), Superjuju (blush), Fever Peach (blush)



Triple Beauty Luminizing Wand

When I say I love highlighter, I mean I’m dedicated enough to apply the liquid version first before topping it off with the powder from the Glow All Palette. Double highlighter is no joke, but there’s no other way to do it. Nothing better than layering it on, and it stays on a lot better throughout the day. Especially if you have oily or combination skin that could get oily throughout the day. The same goes for those in humid climates. The liquid version topped with the powder is perfect to last through the day, and I have tested this in the humid weather conditions. 

To be simple about this product, it is an instant soft focus shimmer effect. The wand itself is super easy to use, and it’s perfect for travel. The twist “on” and “off” element of the wand is so easy to use and apply to the skin. Blends beautifully, has no smell, but gives a beautiful shimmer so this is definitely something that’s got to be in your beauty bag.




Vitamin C Capsules

Something about these capsules just works really well, for a number of reasons. As a skincare enthusiast myself, it is easy to overdo the serums. When you have capsules, it gives you the exact amount needed so there’s no guessing how much serum you need to apply. It’s an easy twist off and applies to the skin.

It is super efficacious, and has a nice lightweight formulation that blends beautifully into the skin. I like to apply it immediately to the skin and not rub it too much between my hands so as not to have it dissolve too much in my hands. In addition, these capsules have high doses of stable actives, so it is highly efficacious. There is a double dose of pure Vitamin C, which is then boosted with Vitamin E acetate for moisture and antioxidation. This formulation also helps to firm, smooth, brighten, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and help even out skin tone. 

If you know anything about me, you know that I am all about vitamin C, especially in the daytime. Vitamin C is the best defense and also helps the skin with fighting the pollutants throughout the day. It’s the best self defense for the skin in particular, just like it's incredible when you feel a little rundown and want to make sure you give your body the boost it needs. 



Self Tanning Drops

I am also a self proclaimed self tanaholic, so testing a little self tanner is something I’ll do all day everyday. In this case, the self tanning drops from Beauty Pie also have hyaluronic acid and red seaweed extract. This is the perfect product to showcase a little vacation or “holiday” without actually getting the sun damage. The main reason I love self tanner is because I don’t want to get sun damage, but I want to be tan and I want to have a little bronze (at all times.)

Easy to apply a few drops to the skin, especially at nighttime (my preference) and mix in with oil or a moisturizer. This ensures the tan is evenly dispersed through the skin and doesn’t give an uneven tan to the face. Always make sure to apply to a cleansed and exfoliated face, because this helps to ensure the tan is (again) even. Nothing worse than an uneven tan the next morning. Oftentimes I’ve noticed the area around my mouth or nose is super dry, so I make sure to keep those areas completely hydrated. 



Bronzing Body Balm

When it comes to an incredible multitasker, it’s important to use something that’s super hydrating for the skin but also gives a little bronze and tan to the skin. This balm is extremely nourishing and hydrating, but gives a little shimmer. Infused with coconut oil, coconut milk, and shea butter makes this formulation one of the most hydrating with a medium to thick consistency that soaks into the skin. In terms of the shimmer, it is very subtle. There was not a lot of glitter or shimmer so it’s perfect on a day to day basis. 




Casa Coco Candle

Candles make every room more homey. No one can disagree with that because I know you all lose your minds when it comes to candles. There’s just nothing better than your home feeling more cozy, but also everything smelling fresh. This particular candle has a musky scent that is intricate but has a little bit of tropical fruitiness. It’s got fresh top notes of Blood Orange and Coconut, then Vanilla and Tonka Bean. Overall it smells like warm, citrusy sunshine on your skin which we all want in our home during the summertime. 



To summarize a bit more about Beauty Pie, this is not a subscription based service. Personally for me, I don’t care for subscription based services because I never seem to get items I am excited to try. With Beauty Pie being a place to shop for luxury beauty at members’ prices (as opposed to a subscription service where items are sent arbitrarily), it gives me a specific shopping experience that offers access to luxury and high tech skincare, makeup, haircare, bodycare, fragrance, candles and soon to launch supplements, allowing members to shop for exactly what they need with lab direct prices.

When are you becoming a member of Beauty Pie?

*Use the code ADALETASENTME for $10 off your purchase.

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I have never heard of this before, but it sounds like a great way to save a little bit of money on quality products!

I have been on the fence about trying Beauty Pie because there are brand name products that I love. But I will eventually bite the bullet and try this as the prices are so good. But the other problem is that they don’t deliver to Canada so I will have to have another delivery service to have it delivered to me.