How to Shop My Recommendations

How to Shop My Recommendations

May 6, 2020

When it comes to recommendations, I only ever recommend what I think is truly incredible. We don't have time for nonsense. With my friends, and my mom, following my content I could never lead them astray. That means I'll never lead you astray, and I never have in the last 8 years. I want to make sure you understand (if you're willing to help "influencers" out) how to shop via affiliate links, using discount codes, and support all of us when you're making purchases online. It's so appreciated.

This is a close up shot of Adaleta Avdic wearing a cute Mott and Bow dress, with Quay sunglasses in Tucson Arizona.

RewardStyle AKA Like To Know It

Like to Know It is an app (LTK) which is totally free to download. This app will allow you to shop any influencers' Instagram feed, and all of their favorite picks, via the app. It gives you the option to just pick whatever you want from their image (that they've tagged) and quickly shop it in a few quick clicks. It took me 9273827847 years to really use this app properly, because at first I was biased and thought it was cliquey. Only a VERY specific kind of girl did well on the app, and usually she lived in Dallas which is where the app was created. Over time, the app became bigger and bigger and consumers have gravitated to it from all over the world. So silly me for waiting so long to really dive in, but I've been much more active there lately, and I post additional content within the app that I do not post on Instagram, TikTok, my blog or anywhere else for that matter. There's anywhere from 2-4 posts a day, and sometimes I do go a bit hog wild if I have the time to post a few of my favorite items. It's well worth the peek if you're interested in shopping, and diving into some of my ongoing favorites.

Blog Widgets

When it comes to outfits, beauty products, and anything else in blog posts, I will include blog widgets (just like I have in this post!) Because I'm always in an outfit, or showing my favorite beauty products, it makes sense to tag them each and every time. If you're interested in shopping my blog posts, you can easily click the various pictures and shop the items. These blog widgets utilize affiliate links, which makes it easy for you to click on the item and be directed to Target, Nordstrom, or any other retailer that has the product. Using these widgets, clicking on the link, and allowing your browser to be cookied gives me the "credit for your sale" which never costs you more, but helps me (more on that a little later in the post.)

Swipe Up in Instagram Stories

If you've come over from Instagram, you likely watch a bit of my Instagram stories (hey fam!) and from time to time, I will include swipe up links on items I'm discussing and mentioning. I know it's really hard for a lot of people to swipe up on a link on Instagram and then complete the purchase on their phone, but if you swipe up, find the item and then shop on your desktop, unfortunately there is no affiliate link "credit" that is given to me. This is why it's really important if you want to support me, that you complete the transaction on your phone after you swipe up on Instagram stories OR I can always send you the link directly to mobile and you can copy and paste that affiliate link from your phone to your laptop. It's these small details that make a huge difference, and oftentimes you guys are really wanting to make sure "I get credit" but it's something like seeing and swiping links via mobile but then shopping on desktop where the link from mobile wasn't able to transfer to desktop. If this doesn't make sense, please direct message me on Instagram (or leave a comment below) since I know it's a little confusing. I'm happy to explain because I would love for more of you to know how to shop if you'e like to support me. If you're not interested, no worries too, but there is a way to do it that helps!

This is a close up of some studded sandals from Steve Madden, worn by Adaleta Avdic.

Why does any of this even matter?

During this time of COVID-19, a lot of brand sponsorships are completely paused and no longer happening to the level and degree they were before. The best way to show support is if I encouraged a skincare purchase of some kind (maybe it was the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil or the Rodial Bronze Glow Drops) you would be using an affiliate link which by the way, doesn't hurt you in any way, but it helps me.

How? (again I'm all about transparency)

  1. It helps brands see that I influencing my audience into purchasing the products I genuinely use and love. It basically gives me a "track record" to show I did explain to you why XYZ product was amazing and that you liked it.
  2. A small percentage of the sale comes to me. It's a small commission, and varies based on retailer and product, but let's say an item is $32. I may get $3.60 from that $32 because you used my affiliate link. You didn't pay more, you didn't get duped in any way but instead of all that $32 going to Sephora, $3.60 comes to me which is a nice bonus for influencing an awesome purchase of yours.

What questions do you have?