How to Stay Clean & Moisturized All Year Long

How to Stay Clean & Moisturized All Year Long

February 24, 2019

This post is sponsored by, and in collaboration with Mirum. All opinions are always honest and my own.

This is a full width view of my bathroom, and the new Dove Shower Foam at Walmart.

It’s one of the driest times of the year. Something about that cold wind is a bit unsettling, especially when I look at my hands and I see white speckles of dryness all over them. Anything I can do to make the dryness go away is going to make a difference with my skin, and how it feels at the end of each cold day.

This is a close up of me pumping the new Dove Shower Foam from Walmart.






When it comes to my shower experience, I want to make sure that every single part of it is as luxurious as it can be. During my recent trip to Walmart, I stopped and grabbed the Dove Shower Foam and let me tell you, it makes taking a shower or bath a lot more fun. The lather rich moisturizing benefits of the Dove and Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash is impeccable.

Some may think foam is just for kids, but when you start to lather up that foam, you understand the moisturizing benefits of a good ole lather and rinse.  There is no doubt about it; this foam elevates my shower experience and well as the Mr’s. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed about this particular wash is the foaming element, which helps me save time. When you get a body wash in a non-foam format, it takes a while to lather up the formula and spread it all over the body. When the formula is foam, it just makes things more efficient and you get a lather going within seconds. I genuinely think foam enhances the whole bathing experience. I mean, look at the pure bliss on my face!

Once I’m done cleansing, the foam leaves a smooth and soft feel on my skin. I can feel it’s been cleansed, and it’s not dry in the slightest. Reducing the amount of dryness is so important to me. There’s also no residue left over once you’ve lathered on up. Not to mention, it’s got an everyday low price so it’s definitely not going to break the bank even though it gives you a luxurious experience.

Visit your local Walmart  or head to the Walmart shop page online, and you can save $2 when you buy Dove Women’s Shower Foam. I prefer to get a foaming wash for me, and then a specific men’s one for the Mr. That way we don’t have to share (no body wash stealing happening in this house!) and we each get one that adheres better to our smell and senses.

Grab my favorite the Dove Deep Moisture Shower Foam, and for the special man in your life, you can always grab the Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Foaming Body Wash.

What’s one way you keep your skin moisturized?