How to Use the Best of Neutrogena

Putting on the Light Therapy Mask

How to Use the Best of Neutrogena

January 15, 2018

This post is sponsored and in collaboration with Amazon and Neutrogena.

In my last post about the best products for your holiday shopping list, I explained how Allure decided on its best of beauty products - those winners are phenomenal. Allure editors test thousands of products every single week throughout the year, trying everything from designer ranges, all the way to drugstore. They really get a great grasp of what is supremely awesome, and what you should likely not grab when it comes to beauty products.

After my pick of the top four products from Neutrogena, I wanted to explain more about the application of each product to give you more detailed information about how to apply and use every single item. Not everyone understands and knows how to use a hydrating tint formulation, or put a strange mask on their face. 

Let's dive into some specifics!

Neutrogena Best of Allure

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint is the best way to hydrate the skin and make it look less dull.

When it comes to application, I take the wand out of the bottle, and dab the wand onto my beauty blender. Sometimes when I'm in a rush, I gently tilt the bottle and let the formula run out onto my beauty blender.  On days when my skin is doing really well (blemish-free) or days I don't want to wear too much makeup, I use this as its own base. Since it is tinted, it acts as a thin base that gives subtle coverage. The formulation is the perfect consistency, so it doesn't feel like you're caking the layers on, which I always enjoy. It blends beautifully into the skin and looks very natural. In addition to this, the winter days are definitely more dull and drying. I have been noticing that my skin is drier than ever, and there are some flakes (TMI?) so I've been using products with more hydration than normal during the day. This is the perfect addition for your winter favorites.

While I never just use a makeup removing wipe to get rid of all the makeup, I need a reliable one to get that top layer off before going in with the cleansers. Something I notice with various wipes is that they are super rough on the skin, and tend to make my skin burn a bit. This is why I lean to Neutrogena's Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes & Wipes, because they never make my skin burn or itch.

When it comes to application, I start with the most concentrated makeup areas of my face. This includes the cheeks, eyes and forehead because those are the areas that have additional coverage, blush, highlighter, etc. This helps me get the thickest layers of product off with a wipe so I can then really dig into those high layered areas. I like to be gentle with the wipes, because you definitely don't want to irritate your skin. 

The Secret of the Light Therapy Mask

Over the past month, I have really been struggling with some cystic acne. I attribute cystic to it because it's painful and doesn't seem to subside even with blemish treatments, acne spot treatments and the works. Because of this, I've tried to find other methods of getting rid of acne without going to the dermatologist. 

The light therapy acne treatment mask is a really neat acne treatment, and it looks really silly which makes it so much more fun. When it comes to application, you'll want to cleanse the skin and make sure it's nice and squeaky clean. The next step is you will want to plug the mask in to the closest outlet. Make sure you've got enough space to sit down comfortably and put the mask on like you would a pair of glasses (this is how the mask is put onto your face.) 

This mask will stay turned on for 10 minutes, and once the 10 minutes is up, the mask will turn off on its own. I'm a big fan of this because it's the little things (like this 10 minute turn-off feature for example) that really makes a difference when it comes to the long-term use of the mask. This mask does not emit UV light, and is completely safe for your face and eyes. I know putting on a mask like this may make some weary, so that's why I want to make sure there is a distinction between the light coming out of this mask.

Last, but certainly not least, sunscreen. I love sunscreen with a passion. If you've ever read a post from me, you know I always advocate for sun protection. The Sheer Zinc Face Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 is one of my favorite sunscreens because it blends into the skin so easily and it doesn't smell like sunscreen (you know what I'm saying here!)

If I'm going for a run, I put sunscreen on as moisturizer and my base. No more makeup or anything additional needed on those days. However, on days I get up and go to work or have errands to run, I put moisturizer on first. The second step is a mattifying moisturizer and then some sunscreen. The trick to adding layers to the skin is essentially letting each layer dry, before adding another.

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Sunscreen from Neutrogena

How do you use each of these products? Any tips or tricks?