Initial Thoughts on Amazing Lash Studio

This is a close up of me using Amazing Lash Studio products for my lash extensions.

Diving Into the Details of Lash Extensions

March 10, 2018

About two years ago, I found out that my hair salon also had a lash technician. It was then I decided to get a full set of lash extensions just to ‘test it out.’ Testing it out turned into an 8-month affair of getting them filled, which spiraled out of control when it came to my bank account. Every two weeks was $60 and every 3 weeks was $75. I realized the investment was not worth the quality I was receiving. A year after that, I got one full set for a special occasion and I let them all fall out because I didn’t want to commit myself to another 6+ months of getting them filled, mainly because the quality I had seen in the last instance was not to my standard.

This is a close up of me applying the mascara to my lash extensions from Amazing Lash Studio.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity of speaking with Amazing Lash Studio, and I decided I would take the plunge and see how their lash techniques compare to the ones I’ve succumbed myself to before.         

As soon as I walked in the door, I was overcome with greetings, champagne and delicious treats. While I’m not much of a sweet fanatic, I do love me a glass of champagne. My lash artist was also the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She was so fun, free in her creative spirit and explained everything to me in more detail than I had ever had anyone explain to me in previous salons. We discussed the difference between 3D and 6D. I explained to her I did not want to have lashes that were too intense, but I wanted that wow factor no doubt. After talking back and forth, we went with the sexy style in 6D. Not only did I like the sexy shape, I also wanted to have more lashes because I would be traveling back to back. Because of the travel I had, she explained the 6D would be the best bet. 6D is exactly what you may envision. For every lash you have, they attach 6 lashes to it. 3D meaning 3 per lash. This gives you that incredible voluminous look that we all wish we were born with naturally. At least I do!

It’s been exactly one week since I got my lash extensions, and only 3 lashes have fallen out to my knowledge. Mainly because I scratched a little too hard while I was rubbing my eye. Allergies get the best of me. They have stayed in place so incredibly well, and I love how they look. It’s clear an expert did this. While meticulous and requiring incredible patience, they really make such a big difference in my day-to-day makeup routine. Something about lashes gives you a little extra pip in your step, and makes makeup in the morning a total breeze!

This is a close up of me applying the Amazing Lash Studio brow gel and mascara to my lash extensions.

The biggest misconception I continuously see in your messages & in texts from my friends and family is that these extensions are going to make all of my lashes fall off. This is incorrect, and a total myth. Your lashes naturally fall out every few days, and with those falling out new lashes come in to replace them. It’s a natural cycle, just like the hair on your head. The hair on your head falls out over time when you brush your hair, take a shower, and so forth. Same exact concept with lashes. The lash extensions are not making your lashes fall out faster, and you are not going to end up with no lashes. Glad we got that covered!

When it comes to Amazing Lash Studio, not only are they the expert with lash applications BUT they also have their own line of products specific to those with lash extensions. I was amazed by this because it opens the door to liner, mascara, lash gel, and so forth. Typically products are not suited for lash extensions because they contain oils and other products that will entice the lashes to fall out sooner than later. This is why I typically refrain from using most eye products when I have the lashes. 

Their lash and brow gel is one of my all-time favorite products because it gives the lashes a lift throughout the day - especially when they get to a point where they may be getting heavier. In addition, there is a mascara perfect for your lash extensions right before your next fill. The mascara is water based so it's not as intrusive, and will not make the lashes fall out quite as easily as a typical mascara will. I also adore the eye makeup remover pads because they don't make me rip out a ton of lashes as I wipe the eyeshadow and liner from my eyes. They are so gentle on the eyes, and get all the makeup off easily. Not to mention the legitimate lash brush that can be used over and over again. The brush opens the lashes up and separates every single lash in one sweep. Can you tell I am obsessed with their products?

Non-biased and completely honest review. So far Amazing Lash Studio is the studio I would recommend for you to get your lashes done. Whether it's a long-term commitment OR a one-time application (wedding, special occasions, vacation, etc) I highly recommend finding the nearest location to you. The standard is high no matter where in the country you are located!

What has been your experience with lash extensions? Check their store list to find a location near you!

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I did had last extension 2 years ago and it wasn’t a pleasant experience so I stopped after first try. I was thinking of doing it again but this time in a different salon. I’ll see where it go this time.

The lash extensions really look good on you. You are quite beautiful and they go well with your look. I sympathize with you when it comes to allergies though. Whenever I have them I end up scratching too hard as well. 🙁

Thanks for sharing your experience with lash extensions and the importance of looking for a professional place. Great the American Lash Studio also offers products to take care of ones eyelashes.

Your lashes look amazing. Thank you so much for the review. I have never done extensions like this before but just might try

You know, I am a man, but I still had fun reading this post. You are a quality woman with high standards.
I am sorry that your images are not designed for Pinterest, i would have saved them to my “Beauty Through Men’s Eyes” board!

I’ve never done lash extensions but have been kind of scared about trying them. I feel more comfortable now. Thanks for the info.