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Introducing the SUQQU Pre-Summer 2023 Sunflower Wonder Collection

Introducing the SUQQU Pre-Summer 2023 Sunflower Wonder Collection

March 23, 2023


Ever since I stumbled upon SUQQU, a Japanese beauty brand, I was immediately in love. It was a love at first sight situation. This is now my second collection which I've received (on top of some classics) and I have to say it is all absolutely stunning and so well made. This pre summer collection is Inspired by sunflowers, and SUQQU says "these vibrant, summery colours have a touch of smokiness, and inspire an exquisite colour palette with a hint of melancholy to create a deeply elegant and mature expression.

The collection includes two blushes, two eyeshadow palettes, two cream single eyeshadows, and two lipsticks. All of which are pictures below, and I am included swatch videos on LTK too. It is the perfect mix of warm and even some colder shades for the upcoming summer months. It's got me excited for pool days and maybe a beachy getaway?

This collection is now available (as of today March 23rd, 2023) at Selfridges, and will become available at Harrods and Liberty London on April 4th, 2023. The price point is going to shock you because it is well priced, and for this insane quality, it just cannot be beat. Snag as many items from the collection as possible because these limited edition pieces sell out rather quickly. 

In this collection, we find two Signature Color Eyes (aka eyeshadow palettes). 123 SHOUJITSUKI has a gorgeous sun yellow alongside a warm pink. This palette is more of a warmer tone inspired by the sunflower's petals and how the sun hits the petals. 124 NICHIRINHA combines a sage green and a light olive. This palette would typically be out of my comfort zone, but these shades are extremely wearable on a day to day basis. These colors are inspired by the sunflower's leaves and this palette creates a chicer, more stylish look.

A few unique things about these palettes. SUQQU infuses hyaluronic acid, as well as rose hip oil so these formulations are going to help when it comes to creasing. Not to mention the hydration of the formula is going to be comfortable on the skin, which is a huge plus. See what I mean when I mention that a lot of Japanese beauty infuses the skincare into the makeup?

As a lover of warmer tones, you can imagine that I would gravitate to 123 more than than 124. I do think this mix of green, yellow and brown is wearable on a day to day basis. 

I'm a sucker for lipsticks. What beauty lover isn't? Usually when I try a cream lipstick, I do find that it is somewhat sheer and doesn't have a lot of pigment. It's easy to wipe off with a bite of food or a sip of any drink. Having said that I have been blown away with the long wear of these creamy luscious lipsticks. The colors are so rich and vibrant and really exude the hues of a sunflower. 

116 is a "softer, orange-brown that evokes the serenity and joy of summer." It is really 

117 is the one I like to wear on a day to day basis. It's a beautiful easy natural beige that is going to look great with various skin tones. 

The Tone Touch Eyes are a new formulation, and addition to the SUQQU resume, which is quite exciting. These come in two shades, 112 and 113. These can be used by themselves, or together (darker in the outer corner.) It is wet upon application and then dries really well. It could be used to contour the nose, and around the face, but you need to work quickly. I found this a really nice base especially for someone who has oilier lids. It held the shadows I put on top, for hours. 

112 is a yellowish ochre brown and serves as the perfect base for every eye look. Truly versatile, and will look fantastic on every skin tone. This formulation is very unique too. There's excellent color payoff. And then 113 is a chic dark brown, which is the perfect color to the outer corners of the eyes. It can also be used to smoke out the look, which is really nice. 

And the star of the show, for me personally. The blush. SUQQU has an incredible list of blush, but these two are so unique. The Pure Color Blush comes in two shades, 138 & 139. What I especially love about their blushes is that you get multiple shades for the price of one due to the ombre nature of the blush.

138 HYUUGAAOI has a shimmering red that will help brighten any skin tone. From speaking with the SUQQU team, it's clear red is used to really combat darkness and other discloration to bring the brightest skin to the surface. The addition of yellow is to unique, and really gives to the colors of a sunflower. 

My favorite of the two new colorways is 139 KAFUU which is a chic brown with a mauve highlighter. This gives such a beautiful bronzer summer look. I swept it all over the contours of my face, more than just the cheeks and it gave me a mini facelift but some incredible color.

In this look, I used the following products from this collection:

Tone Touch Eyes 112

Signature Color Eyes 123

Pure Color Blush 139

Vibrant Rich Lipstick 117

What is your favorite product of the collection? 

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