Is Body Contouring the Right Option for You?

This is a half body shot of me rocking an orange Cactus Club tshirt in the desert.

Is Body Contouring the Right Option for You?

December 18, 2018

As you all know, I did the coolsculpting treatment specifically for my love handles and my belly. I wrote an extensive review for that treatment here and also showed you results after one round of treatment. Take a peek! I then decided to try the opposite of coolsculpting which is burning the fat cells. This treatment is called the Vanquish ME Silhouette Treatment at Skin Appeal. It combines three different technologies to create the best possible result that is proportionate all the way around the area being treated.

This is a before and after body contouring shot of the side view of my right love handle.

The Silhouette treatment combines 3 effective devices to treat the waistline back to front and all the way around for incredible results. The image you see above is the side profile before anf after the treatment. As you can tell, my belly pouch has shrunken in after the 4 treatments. While this may not seem like a reasonable difference, trust me when I say it's huge. This Vanquish treatment is very different from coolsculpting, which treats specific areas that the fat cells has decided to take residence in. For example if you want to use 2 treatments on your love handles, it'll just treat the love handles. However, it won't treat the area above or below it, so you may end up with disproportionate results without treating those areas (which costs more rounds of coolsculpting of course.)

Skin Appeal uses the Exilis Ultra to preheat the fat and tighten the skin, which is a prerequisite to the heat that is coming later. This process takes approximately 15 minutes and essentially warms the skin right up. The next piece is the treatment is the Vanquish Me, which permanently kills the fat cells (15 minutes x 3 for front and then 15 minutes x 3 for back) if you're targeting love handles. The final piece of the treatment is finishing with Zimmer Z-Wave which helps to treat cellulite and extend the effectiveness of the other devices that were used earlier. This helps to break apart the fat cells because dying fat cells tend to stick together, so you end up with some "hard" spots in the treated area which will naturally flush from your system by going to the bathroom over coming weeks.

The best preparation for the treatments is to be as hydrated as possible. This reduces any discomfort during and after the treatment. I noticed the times I was super hydrated were much easier to get through, and then the times it was a bit more uncomfortable is when I was much less hydrated. There's definitely something to the hydration, which is what the aesthetician will tell you. Because you will be sweating quite a bit during the treatment, it makes sense to be as hydrated as possible. I like to chug water 1-2 days before, and just keep drinking it down to ensure I hit a good hydration percentage. It's key to having the least amount of discomfort, so why not?

This is a before and after body contouring shot of the front view of my side profile from the left angle.


  1. Freezing the fat cells is a bit more painful than heating the area; your skin is also frozen in this process so you end up with bruising and pain once the procedure is over. Because you're freezing the area, once the machine is removed from the part of your body, all the blood rushes there to warm it back up and there is a possibility of light-headedness. Make sure to eat a full meal before going on (no fasting, light breakfast, etc.) 
  2. When it comes to the price point, coolsculpting can be a bit expensive ranging $300-500 range per area per round. Typically, you'd want to target an area 2-3 times and each time will have a fee associated with it. I targeted my love handles and belly, so we did 3 rounds on my belly and 2 rounds on each part of my love handles (which was 2 on the sides, 1 in the back) and the total for the treatment was around $8000-9000. 
  3. With coolsculpting, the machine sucks in the fat, so you are freezing fat cells in a focused area. This would make the most sense if one part of your body is exuding a lot of fat cells in one space. However, typically as you shrink one part of your body, you end up looking a bit disproportional without addressing other areas. This happened with me where my back needed coolsculpting because as we did my love handles, I ended up with back rolls because the fat was falling down. 

Vanquish ME Slender Treatment

  1. Heating the area of the skin is not as uncomfortable as it may sound. The machine focuses to target the skin inside and not your actual skin, so you're not burning the outside of the skin in any way. The heat focus is going to kill the fat cells, which makes sense to me. When you're working out, you're burning the calories and your sweat is telling your body to cool down from the heat so in a way, the burning of fat cells seems to be more natural to the body. This appeared to be effective for my body, but the inches did not come off more so than I noticed a difference in my body.
  2. Pricing for the Vanquish treatment is = reasonable as you receive 4 treatments which cover an entire belly, love handles and back for $2,800-$3,600. Each treatment is 2.5 hours so you'd be getting 4 treatments in the average price range of $3,000 depending on your specific needs. Because this is targeting the entire area, your body will be contoured proportionately rather than minimizing specific areas, and not others. This also makes the value of the treatment have a good ROI.
  3. Having an even composition is very important, so I did love that this targeted a larger region. Treatments will be done around the entire waist, back and front, cumulatively improving circumferential size. While this may seem like it's unnecessary, if you choose to shrink your love handles, you want to make sure everything is evened out. Covering the entire area does not cost more.
This is a before and after body contouring shot of the front view of my belly.

Ever since this treatment started to show clearly on my body, I was so excited because everything evened out. It wasn't just my love handles that shrunk, it was also the back fat and the roll I had got less prominent because it kind of fell lower to compensate for the fact that I'd love other weight. These changes make a huge difference when you see yourself every single day, and you can clearly see that you are losing fat but in a place that's haunted you for years. My love handles seemed to store everything for me, and to get them to be smaller has essentially made me more confident about my body. I didn't do anything to my legs, but I feel more comfortable flaunting them and being a part of the shorts and skirt club these days. I am actually looking forward to being in a bathing suit in a couple of months, and I plan to keep up with the workouts I've been doing the past few months. 

While I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to sort of "cheat" with the weight loss, I recognize the importance of a targeted treatment like this. I was running 40+ miles a week, and the love handles were NOT coming off. Heck, I looked through old photos of me in high school and I had them then and we ran 6-10 miles multiple days a week + I wasn't drinking alcohol or eating sweets, so I know the love handles were just the "spot" for me. So thankful to have shed those fat cells which won't be coming back again. Now to maintain my healthy diet (can't wait to share some fun recipes with you!) and I will be set for the long-term. 

This post is in collaboration with Skin Appeal, and I received the Vanquish Me treatment at no cost. Thankful for the opportunity to enhance my body in a non-invasive way.

This is a full body shot of me looking into the distance wearing a Cactus Club t-shirt and skinny black jeans.

So tell me, have you considered coolsculpting? I feel like this is the new word these days. We go through trends and coolsculpting seems to be in everyone's mouth, but I want to make sure to educate people and give various options.

What're your thoughts on body contouring in general?