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Just Raving About the Naked 3 Palette

THE Naked 3 palette really deserves all the hype it’s been getting since it’s launch at the end of last year. 

With all the Ulta and Sephora gift cards I got for my birthday, I figured now was the perfect time to go for this little guy. Especially since I really wanted to incorporate more rosy and pink shades within my everyday makeup. 

The twelve shades of the third Urban Decay palette come in this gorgeous rose gold tin box that snaps to a close. I personally love the official snap of the package because it ensures that no eyeshadow fall out will land into my bag or over the rest of my belongings.

It also comes with a Urban Decay eyeshadow brush, but this one is two-sided! It’s got a thicker brush on one end and then a thinner one on the other. I use the thicker one to apply the majority of color on my eye lids and then the smaller end to apply shadow to the insides of my eyes and also for smaller strokes.

Now from left to right: 

Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit

I tend to use Strange in the inner corner of my eyelid to have a nice pop on the inside of my eye. Dust is typically a shadow I gently press on top of another shadow to add some glitter, because as you can tell it’s got some shimmer in it. Burnout and Limit are both nice shades to top the eye off with first (after applying Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Potion of course!)

Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar

Buzz (like Dust) is a shade I tend to pat on gently on top of another color. The shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows I own I expect to have a bit of fall out so I gently pat them on top of another color because the eye has a base so the shimmer/sparkle/glitter is more likely to stay. Trick, Nooner, and Liar are all gorgeous shades (Liar being my favorite of these three.)

Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

Factory and Mugshot are shades that I revert to when I am wearing darker clothing and want to bring a drastic makeup look into the picture. Darker eyeshadows REALLY stand on me so I tend to stay away from them because I don’t want to appear too “dark” especially when I’m at the office. I’m going to be very honest with you guys and tell you I have not yet tried Darkside and Blackheart. I’ve swatched both of course and I’m unsure of when/where I will work with these colors, but I will definitely need a softening method in order to pull either of them off. Definitely darker than my normal shadows so maybe I will line the bottom of my eyelid with either of these shades? Using 10/12 shades on a regular basis though is not bad!

I feel like I need to insert the “aahhhhhhh” sound because if I had to pick a makeup product to hug, this would probably be it. Is it weird to say this is the product I would hug? Ohhh well…

What’s your favorite eyeshadow in the palette? 

2 replies on “Just Raving About the Naked 3 Palette”

Dust is my favorite so far! It goes well with my complexion for everyday @ work conservative look. I havent had a chance to try many of the other ones yet…I need to go out more! As a blonde/blue/pale person I feel like I really can’t wear dark colors during the day without looking weird.

Toasted is my favorite eyeshadow of all time which helps me love the first Naked palette the absolute most! I hope you’re doing well & I am going through some of my older comments to respond to them now. Better late than never I always say 😉 xx,

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