Last Minute Beauty Gift Ideas

This is a close up shot of me applying the YSL Click and Go Pen, along with a lot of gorgeously wrapped presents.

Last Minute Beauty Gift Ideas

December 13, 2018

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Sephora inside JCPenney. #SephoraInJCP

I am definitely one of those last minute people, and I’m not sure when that happened. Back in the day, I used to arrive to everything 15-30 minutes early because goodness, I didn’t want to miss a minute of anything. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I’m just 15 minutes late. I’m not proud of it, don’t get me wrong, but somehow along the way it happened. I always get caught up with something. Either spending too much time chatting with someone, waiting for my next coffee or just stuck in traffic and then boom, I’m 15 minutes late. It never fails. While I am a little late here and there, holiday gifts are always so last minute for me. To be honest, I hope each year my list is smaller than the previous year but somehow it gets bigger and bigger. Welp, got to add Uncle Earl on the list and then there goes any pre-planning I had, so nowadays I just wait until the last minute to do all of the shopping. Luckily for all the ladies, it is super easy for me to get my act together because I’ve been shopping at Sephora inside JCPenney all year, and I know my way around the store like it’s nobody’s business. Something about beauty products gives me ease, and I can usually find a lot of good options even if I don’t know someone’s exact skin tone. I have a few quick and easy last minute gift options to grab for the women in your family, your girlfriends or anyone else who could use a little extra highlight in their life!


When shopping for someone whose skin tone you know (me and my girlfriends do know each other’s shades) the Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is the best possible surprise. Because it’s $40, your girlfriend may not want to spend that kind of money on herself, but this is hands down one of the best foundations I have ever tried. It melts right into the skin, has incredible coverage that is buildable, and does not feel heavy at all. It does wonders for my skin, and I honestly cannot tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on my skin since switching to this particular foundation. Everyone seems to notice my skin and how dewy and healthy it looks.

Sometimes you don’t know the right shade for your girlfriends (and that’s okay) so that’s why I also have a lot of options that won’t require you to  stalk her beauty cabinet. I may be a little strange, that’s fine. A good reliable pair of tweezers is something every single girl needs.Those pesky brow hairs, and stray nose hairs (I’m just saying, gentlemen!) need to be plucked so a good pair is always ideal to have on hand. The Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer is the perfect pair for on the go, and for long-term use. I’ve used my old Tweezerman pair for a decade, and they have never failed me. I got this new black pair for the Mr’s stocking, so I’m definitely spreading the beauty love across the board.

For every single makeup look, setting everything in place is key. No matter how big or small of a beauty fanatic you are, everyone knows about the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. It is the best one in the game, and one of those holy grail products every single lady needs in her beauty cabinet. Whether it’s for a photo shoot, the holidays, or a hot summer day, this loose powder will save your makeup and also ensure your life is a little bit easier that day. Promise!

This is a close up photo of the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

Smelling delightful is definitely on my list of daily necessities, so I tried the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Click & Go. This is the most genius pen that allows me to click it until the liquid comes out; I apply this liquid to my wrists, neck and so forth and it smells like pure heaven. There’s something very alluring about this scent, and just so mature. It’s one of my favorites, but then again YSL has never let me down with their fragrances.

Always on the list is a delightful red shade of lipstick. Urban Decay has been my go-to for years. Ever since I went into their headquarters in California, I have been a die hard fan. No matter the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick shade, the quality of it will be ideal. This is one brand that never skimps out on the quality of the product, and everything blends beautifully, sits right and just looks incredible. This red is also really giving me life. Such a perfect shade for all the holiday parties!

This is a shot of some last minute gifts from Sephora inside JCPenney.

My final stocking stuffer idea for a beauty lover is a high quality highlighter. Since Benefit Cosmetics has been a reliable brand for years, I really do want to ensure more people are aware of the Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle, a gorgeous highlighter that brings your skin to a whole other level. By itself, this highlight is gorgeous and comes off natural. When you add the blush and foundation underneath, it is genuinely the most people beaming light. It also doesn’t cause breakouts or any issues to my cheeks, while other highlights have causes some breakouts and itchiness. Having sensitive skin isn’t always ideal, but it definitely shows you which products are more high quality than others.

& there you have it, the high quality list of stocking stuffers for your favorite babes. This is the list I would recommend if you’re in need of a few more gift options. It takes a few minutes to go into a JCPenney and just raid the Sephora inside to find all the goods. Odds are the line there won’t be very long, so you’ll be able to snag your favorite pieces and get in and out quickly.

What’s your favorite beauty stocking stuffer?

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Wow such a great idea, I love this giving back to them. I wish once I finished my school I will help my Family and always surprise them with this ❤️😍🎁

I’ve used Dandelion products in the past but didn’t know about the “twinkle” shade! Need to order ASAP!

That dachshund wrapping paper is SO CUTE!! Def adding that Laura Mercier powder to wish list!!

xx Mollie

Laura Mercier is my favorite powder! These are really perfect gift ideas! My wishlist with makeup is always long!