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Last Minute Gift Ideas

This is a flat lay of a wrapped gift, along with scissors, strings and essentials for wrapping presents.

Last Minute Gift Ideas

December 22, 2021


We're all a little bit of last minute shoppers when it comes down to it. There's always someone I forgot on my list, or something I forgot to get them. Or I just have an epiphany and want to get it JUST in time. I got you covered.

Kitchen appliances

I've never met a person who didn't want a coffee maker, espresso maker or something that's going to help them around the house. The best part is most of these are easy to wrap (they're a square or rectangle) and with a gift receipt if they have the appliance or don't necessarily need it, they can return and exchange for something they do need.

*If you're shopping at a massive retailer like Target, they do have options where you do not need to go inside the store. You can do a pick-up where they bring it to your car once you're parked in a designated spot in the parking lot. It might take a bit longer but it's worth it if you want to read or chill in your car and not deal with the madness and frenzy inside the store. 


The stereotypical option for family and friends who drink. A little whiskey situation for the dudes, and a little wine situation for the ladies. 



Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Grab a bottle or two at the store.

Or go local. Aaron placed an order for a whiskey set from Whiskey del Bac. It was 2 bottles of whiskey, along with 2 glasses which is such a nice thoughtful gift and very unique. This applies to those who enjoy whiskey obviously, but you can find a local brewery, winery, etc. In Tucson, I'd recommend the following spots for buying alcohol if you want to shop small business and stay local:

Whiskey del Bac

AZ Wine Collective (highly recommend Dune Wine)

Pueblo Vida Brewery


AirPods have been a staple for Adaclaus this year. You can grab them via pick-up option from Target, or just about any massive store. Lots of sales on them as well, making it an easier decision. Nothing like a good sale price to get me going. If you can get your hands on a Kindle, without Amazon Prime shipping definitely do it. My Kindle is my favorite tech device.


Might seem like an obvious one, but why not get some local snacks for someone? Support small businesses, but also give them something they're definitely going to consume. 

Here's a few of our favorite local options:

Le Buzz Cafe (coffee beans)

popped (artisan popcorn)

Tucson Tamale Company (tamales)

Monsoon Chocolate (everything sweet)

Flora's Market Run (fresh baked bread + coffee)

Prep and Pastry (fresh pastries)


What are some of your favorite last minute gift ideas?

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