Let’s Continue Down The National Walk

Shall we continue on our walk?

Down the path we go!

Only in America will you see a squirrel feasting on a French fry. Ironic? He’s a cute fella nonetheless.

More and more cheery blossoms. We actually arrived in the city the day of the Cherry Blossom Festival but too late in the day to witness it unfortunately. I would have loved to partake!

The architecture and build structures were impeccable.

And so we trekked our way to THE White House. 

What a pretty sight! It looks so patriotic, historic, and American.

We continued through the sights. Here was the World War II Memorial. Just walking through this electrified the energy amongst us because of the intense memories and history associated with World War II. There’s a lot to be said for monuments of just personal memory.

How majestic and awesome is this?

We made our way through the park and walked along to find something else inspirational. 

Here are some steps that lead me to a man very great indeed…

I cannot tell a lie…my ankles and shins were burning from walking miles at this point. Glad you didn’t have to make the walk, you get to just follow along with me you lucky duck. But isn’t this worth it?

A wee bit crowded but nonetheless, here is Mr. Abe Lincoln. 

Scripts from another time…

After some time with Abe, we realized we had worked up an appetite throughout our walk and exploration so we headed to a high-rated restaurant on Yelp: Matchbox. 

Although there were several restaurants, we directed ourselves to the one located in the vicinity of Chinatown as it was definitely the place to be. 

I definitely liked the vibe!

My colleagues get embarrassed with my over flux of picture-taking so I tried to minimize the amount of it

I ordered a steak sandwich and the rest ordered pizzas. Apparently Matchbox is known for their pizzas so I may have missed out on some delicious pizza, but my sandwich was deeee-lissssh-usss!

Now that we’ve finished walking and eating, I will leave you for the night!