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Lip Liner-Is it Beneficial?

| Urban Decay Glide-On Lip Pencil |

Just two weeks ago, I gave you my thoughts on eyelash curlers and you can read that here. Now I want to touch on something else that always puzzled me in the beauty world: lip liner

I think the reason I never believed in lip liner is because as a kid in the 90s, I saw women who wore lip liner in a way that made it seem like Halloween was every day. It wasn’t a good look having bright red lip liner and then bright purple lipstick. Remember those days? Yeah…pretty painful and I think I got the lasting impression that lip liner was too bold and obnoxious. However, I recently got ‘Ozone’ which is the white lip liner you see here. I bought it just to see if there was a difference. Lining my lips with the white and then applying the day’s lipstick had a unbelievable difference when it comes to the lipstick staying within the lines of my lips. Usually lipsticks bleed outside my lip line throughout the day, but with this liner it didn’t budge. After realizing this white was incredible, I decided to get bold and purchased ‘Turn On’ because I have a lot of purple-y pink shades that would go well with this color. Low and behold, this color made my lips look fuller and more plump while also being a gorgeous shade that prolongs the lipstick. I think I’m officially sold on lip liner…as long as it doesn’t make me look like the Joker 😉

What are your thoughts on lip liner and which is your favorite? 

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Lip liner has been hitting it big in the blogosphere lately! I was never really keen on it – too much effort! Haha! I think I may have to investigate some though, since everyone seems to be singing their praises! The UD ones sound amazing.

Tasha // shiwashiful.

I had the exact same idea about lip liners! It was so horrible that I could never imagine myself doing it but considering all the amazing things that are said about lip liners I decided to try it and now I love it! Obviously I use the same color for both lip liner and lipstick, still not brave enough to create an everyday halloween make up look haha xx

I understand what you mean! however it’s better to use lip liner with your wearing a really dark lip. ( super duper dark) because otherwise you look like kid who’s had a whole chocolate bar for lunch hihi.

So i just have one really dark lip liner. But i would like to try the ones you got!

I do like your post, it’s a bit different then all the other beautypost/reviews that I’ve been seeing/reading all day.


I love lip liners – my mom has always gone on about them, how they make lipstick last for ages and how they can be used to achieve the perfect colour but I only started to realize their value these past couple months when I bought a bad quality lipstick that had no staying power but was the prettiest colour! I use a lip liner (Rimmel Exaggerate) everyday for work and feel lost whenever I run out of it.