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Living Proof 5-in-1 Styling Treatment

I’ll be the first to admit I am not a hair doing or hair product using person…

| Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment |

For the most part, I let my hair air-dry and I don’t really like to brush it out either because the wind makes it look so much better. Or so I think. Not everyone has this “long hair don’t care” attitude, but I honestly can’t be bothered. I spend the time on my face makeup, not my hair which may seem odd or misplaced because I am a beauty fanatic but I just never paid too much attention to styling my hair per say. In one of my most recent videos, I used this Living Proof product and I really wanted to showcase it because it’s such an excellent item to have in your beauty cabinet and it’s travel friendly too! It does basically everything it claims to do: smoothes, volumizes, conditions, strengthens and even polishes. While I don’t necessarily know what polishing means, I do know that my hair has a significantly less breakage when I run this product through my freshly washed, still damp hair. My hair stops shedding as much as it normally would with the wind and crazy dust that gets stirred up here in the desert. This is a huge win in my eyes and I want to keep using this product non-stop just for the strengthening element. It also keeps my hair cleaner for longer. I have an oily pre-disposition to me (real sexy I know) so this product acts like a dry shampoo without the dry shampoo application feature to it.

What I typically do is take a quarter-sized (the coin people) amount and run it through my fingers. I then start applying this gently towards the bottom of my hair and work my way up to the roots. This product not only smells good, but it doesn’t get my hands all gross and slimy like many hair products do. This really is an all-in-one for me!

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So tell me, what hair products do you use on a regular basis? 

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Great post, I’ve been thinking about trying this for a little while. I’m like you, I focus a lot on my skin and makeup….and my hair…it basically just comes along for the ride. I’ll think I’ll pick this up, great review! xo