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London Fashion Week Recap September 2019

Sitting at the bar at The Stratford London wearing a gorgeous Shopyte dress from the new collection.

London Fashion Week Recap September 2019

September 28, 2019

Last week in London was truly incredible because I had the most amazing time during London Fashion Week. I wanted to share my experience and a breakdown of what my week looked like, so if you're considering London (or London Fashion Week) you have a better idea of what to expect, how to get around and what to do. There's a lot I want to cover!

Where I Stayed

The Stratford Hotel is East London’s new design hotel, and I can tell you it was absolutely stunning. It opened just two months ago, and the vibe was really creative and artsy, but still classic and chic. The customer service was amongst the best I’d ever seen, from speedy room deliveries to the staff even agreeing to take photos for me. I even spent some time at the bar one evening chatting with all the bartenders and waiters, learning more about the hotel and East London. The property was filled with so many good vibes.

Shows I Attended

My flight landed a little late, so I missed my first show on Saturday (Shopyte) which I'm really bummed about because the beautiful baby blue dress that was waiting for me at the hotel was specifically for that show. I was bummed but luckily I mastered London’s public transportation system on day 2, and was ready to actually make it on time to some shows (for once in my life!)

*You can see images and videos of these shows if you head to my Instagram LFW highlight reel. I saved everything there.


This collection had a lot of geometric plays, along with deep purple and brown hues. The other pattern I noticed in several pieces was black and white, and black white and yellow mixed in together. There was some really fun color schemes mixed in too, like orange (in maxi dress form), then some olive green mixed with orange and yellow and a stunning electric blue mixed with orange. The white suit was so chic and definitely something I'd add to my collection. Can we also get some claps for the fact that sneakers and combat boots aren't going anywhere? Thank goodness because they're so comfy.


Lots of glitter and glam, but also sweet Parisian black and white looks. One of my favorites was this electric blue midi dress with black details. There were also pops of red, but the consistent theme was black and white which I am here for 100%. The textures and patterns of the dresses were beautiful and you could really tell a lot of work was put into the craftsmanship of each piece. 


The collection was beautiful, bright, and screamed spring and summer. From the first look to the last. Lots of florals, mixed with yellow which I was loving since I do feel like most of us are afraid to rock some yellow. The length went all the way from short (mini) to midi with just one or two that could be classified as maxi length. Accessories were bright and popping, including neon shoes. Bringing the 80s back. That beautiful peachy pink is also coming back, and I'm ready because it makes everyone look so tan and beautiful in the warmer months of the year. Simply a stunning collection all around, and I'm looking forward to picking a few of the pieces myself.


The music killed it. Everything about this show was so dynamic, especially with the really artistic pieces which all came together for his collection. I liked the monochromatic colors, lots of black and white which is easy to wear. Some of my favorites were the casual sets (specifically that the light peach color) and then there was also a blue and white set. the artistry of the looks was really inspiring. From the music, the clothes, all the way to the accessories and even the venue. This was a really fun show to attend. So well done!

What I Did Around London

The day of the Self Portrait and House of Holland shows, I spent with Visit London and a few other local influencers. We started off the morning by heading to breakfast at Abuelo Coffee, then off to the shows. After the shows wrapped up, we then headed off to The Mayfair for lunch and cocktails. We did a lot of tapas family style, and there was more food on the table then I could even explain. All delicious. In case you were worried, I was also a big fan of the rosé.

Once photos were taken (priorities for the content creator in me!) I made my way to the Ginstitute, where I had a bespoken gin experience, learning about the history of gin. It really does go way back, and the propaganda previously swaying people to drink beer over gin, was quite interesting to hear. Glad gin is back in season and here to stay. Oh, did I mention the experience ends with us all customizing and essentially making our own gin? I mixed a few of my favorite flavors in there, like dill and vanilla. 

 After the best day with Visit London, I went to check out The Savoy because basically every local told me I had to specifically try a martini there. Not to mention the pianist is a musical genius, the customer service was outstanding and the cocktails were superb.

During one of my final days in London, I had the opportunity to go on an Eating Europe food tour in Soho. We had a wonderful guide, and the group communicated amongst ourselves very well. Soho has a lot of history, and it's definitely a foodie's heaven because of the amount of options and also the amount of hidden away (almost secret) little spots that have the best food.

How I Got Around

The British are so efficient, and make traveling in the "tube" extremely easy. Someone told me via DMs on Instagram to download City Mapper app and it changed my entire experience. You definitely need the app if you're traveling in a big city (or live in one too!) It helped me navigate where I wanted to go and how to get there the most efficient way possible. It also shows you local apps used in lieu of Uber and Lyft (as an example) which can be extremely helpful in places that Lyft and Uber don't exist yet. Anyway, if you have Apple Pay set up on your phone, you can easy hold your phone to pay every time you get on and off the Subway. It was glorious (and I discovered it several days into my trip) but now I know for the future. I did use Uber several times if I was in a hurry or it rained since I didn't want to get completely soaked, so you have that option but the local transportation is so well kept (clean) and works really well to get you across all parts of London. Plus all the signs are in English and you have the app to tell you which platform to stand on, so there's really so issues. I will say it was still a lot of walking, even with the Subway. Some days I walked 10-12 miles even though I got on and off the Subway multiple times too. Bring those walking shoes people, bring 'em!

Have you ever been to London?

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This looks and sounds like an amazing time for sure and London is on my bucket list to visit as I have not made it there yet 😉 Can’t wait!

Attending London Fashion Week would be so fun, especially if you get to wear such beautiful clothes while you are visiting.

I love London. It’s been a while since the last time I visit. Great experience at London FW. Thanks for sharing!

What a fun time to be in London. Your photos made me travel and realize how much we are overdue on a London trip!!

That looks like a wonderful trip to London! I’d love to attend these shows as they seem to be very interesting and I always look for such things in the new places I’ve got chance to visit! 🙂

We can live carelessly through you, I have not been to England yet and I would love to go to fashion week. @travelfamlife

Oh my, how I miss London. You’re right, getting around in the city is pretty easy. The shows that you attended sound really exciting, glad that you had a great time in London!

What an experience! The hotel looks gorgeous (honestly, I would never leave a hotel room like that), and I can only imagine how exciting the whole thing was. Thank you for sharing 🙂

No, I’ve never been to London…I’ve really never traveled far from home. Crossed the border into Canada to see Niagara Falls, and I’ve been to the Bahamas and to Cancun. I would love to travel to Europe.

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