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Lorac PRO Palette Rave & Review

I just cannot stay away from Lorac; it’s just too good. 

| Lorac PRO Palette |

Let’s all be honest and say that many many people have told you about this palette already. You know why? Because it’s the bomb dot com. End of story. This palette is the shizzay! It makes me excited to do my makeup every morning because I literally have an artists palette filled with beautiful colors to choose from before applying to my eyelids. Something that makes me smile throughout the day is when I notice that after nine hours of working, the colors are still beautifully in place. Here’s a few in-depth shots in case you don’t have one of these bad boys in your makeup collection just yet

The top row of the palette is all matte, while the bottom has mostly shimmer with one sparkle. Along with the palette comes a mini tube of their eye primer. Something to note is that the eyeshadows can be used wet or dry and they are meant to “prime, shade, shadow, line and define.” With all of those uses, how could you possibly go wrong?

Top Row: White (Matte), Cream (Matte), Taupe (Matte), Lt. Pink (Matte)
Bottom Row: Nude (Shimmer), Champagne (Sparkle), Gold (Shimmer), Lt. Bronze (Shimmer)

Top Row: Mauve (Matte), Sable (Matte), Espresso (Matte), Black (Matte)
Bottom Row: Pewter (Shimmer), Garnet (Shimmer), Deep Purple (Shimmer), Slate (Shimmer)

Honestly, I cannot get enough and if you’re going to buy any one palette, this is the one. It’s better than the Naked palettes and any of the limited editions ones you may find. Seriously, people you need it in your life! If you’d like me to do makeup step-by-steps using this palette, let me know in the comments below.

Are you on your way to Ulta now? Get moving pretty lady!

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