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Lorac PRO To Go Palette Rave & Review

If you fancy a wonderful travel companion that covers your makeup bases in terms of eyes and cheeks, head on over to your local Ulta (Sephora does not carry Lorac.)

I actually opened this guy up during my travels this week in Vegas and used several of the shades for the first time. All I have to say is everything in here is really ALL you need when it comes to eyes and cheeks. Seriously. No need to bring a blusher, a bronzer, and seven different eye shades. It’s all in here!

As you can see there are have two “highlighter” type shades with Pearl and Shell (on the left side.) Then you have more neutral daytime shades with Chai and Cafe. All the way to the right you have the shadows that will turn your daytime look into a sultry, sexy nighttime look with Mink and Black. You can also use Black as an eyeliner if you have a fine brush. These shadows are just so pigmented, creamy, long-lasting (even if you have oily eyelids like myself) and just beautiful shades in general. The quality just cannot be beat.

The bottom of the palette has two blushes and a bronzer. The Coral shade is my absolute favorite blush at the moment because it’s just the perfect summer shade for the cheeks. I honestly have never had such a beautiful, natural shade on my cheeks and I am absolutely loving it! Pink reminds me a bit of Becca’s Flowerchild mineral blush.

The bronzer is a beautiful warm shade that is perfect for contour or adding that nice glow to your face.

All in all, Lorac has really hit it out of the park with this one and I cannot be happier I picked this palette up. One random note is the the top and bottom portions of the palette are easy to open and magnetic upon close. So if you’re done using it, you just tap it closed and you’ll hear the magnetic click. I’m not sure why this is so appealing to me, but I love the sound of this material being shut with a magnetic sound. Important to the consumer is the fact that this palette is truly compact and travel-friendly factor. Phenomenal job Lorac!

Do you have the Lorac Pro-To-Go palette? What Lorac products are you in love with?

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