Loud and Clear & Glow Play Blush MAC Cosmetics (New) Collection

This is a flat lay of the new MAC Cosmetics Loud and Clear Collection

Loud and Clear & Glow Play Blush MAC Cosmetics (New) Collection

February 13, 2020

MAC Cosmetics rarely disappoints. In  fact, I don’t even remember the last time I wasn’t completely blown away by a new collection of theirs. The most recent collection brings out spring, but I wanted to do some swatches because the Tik Tok fam was asking for some swatches. They’re also fun because I get to play around with a little makeup. What’s crazy is I’ve been getting collections for years, and it’s taken Tik Tok (of all platforms) to make me want to go back to my roots and play with makeup. I had so much fun swatching everything and just playing around with it, it really made me feel like my original beauty blogger self.

If you want to see swatches, you will have to go to my Tik Tok video here to see them. I hate to be the annoying person taking you to 1) a new platform and 2) over to another platform for something, but hey it’s marketing. Nothing personal 😉

The Lipstick

Consistency of dreams. It’s perfectly matte, but also creamy and soothing on the lips. It comes in 5 shades. Yash, Sugar Dada, Baroque the Internet, Sugar Sweet Cameo, Fleur D’Coral. I honestly haven’t decided which is my favorite, but I think I can definitely rock them all. 

The Shadows

The shadows are limited edition, pigmented and matte shades. Matte is the theme with the lipsticks and the shadows. I’ll admit I’m not usually a fan of matte shadows because they really do feel drying, and I love shimmery because it’s more pigmented and hellloo who doesn’t love shimmer. The color swatches can be seen on my Tik Tok video here. Here’s the color line-up:

Trompe L’ol

Bougie Babe 


Paint by Number

Keep Stijl

Back to Surreality


This powder finish comes in two magical shades. I honestly don’t know which one I like better, but Hot Damn is peachy and gives a nice bronze glow while Modernist Peach is a gorgeous light peachy pink color. The formulations are buttery, pigmented and long-lasting. When I use these as eyeshadow, they last a really long time and they can be built up on the lids. I’m always about repurposing products for various uses because one use just isn’t enough. 

These come in two shades:

Hot Damn - Oiselle D’Avignon

Post Modernist Peach

The Lipglass

If you asked me 2 years ago if I’d ever love a gloss consistency, I would have looked at you and laughed. For the wind to blow my hair, get stuck on my lips and then smear on my face? WHY. WOULD. I. WANT. THAT. Well turns out I want plump juicy looking lips and sometimes a combination of a matte lipstick and a lip gloss that’s super pigmented works really well. This collection comes in pastel and neutral shades, making it super wearable and easy to put on top of other lipsticks. 

They come in 5 new shades:


Heart Heist

Painted Lady

Female Gaze


Glow Play Blush

& finally we have the blush, which is considered its own collection. The Glow Play Blush is a cream powder formula which is truly magical. It looks like it would be super creamy but it's a solid formula, and it slides on the skin like butter. This is truthfully perfect for spring and summer because it easily glides on the skin and will last naturally throughout the day. Powder tends to appear cakey when it gets warm, but this will sit so beautifully on the cheek. 

The color line-up is below, with the swatches here.

Cheer Up

Rosy Does It

That’s Peachy

Totally Synced

No Shame!

So Natural



Heat Index

Blush, Please

Cheeky Devil

When it comes to new MAC collections, I’m always intrigued and excited to see what they come up with because the pigmentation is just always so on point. 

What are your thoughts on this brand new collection from MAC Cosmetics?

This is a flat lay of the entire new MAC Cosmetics beauty collection.

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oooh these colors look amazing – definitely need to check out this new collection!

xx rebecca //

Mac always has the best lipsticks. I’ll have to check out this new collection for myself!

I cannot get over these beautiful images. I want all of it. I need a full-sized Mac lipstick. I tried mini versions in a holiday collection a few years ago, and they were amazing! Not drying at all! I need a nude shade

I love MAC! I haven’t tried anything from the new collection but I love their lipgloss!

I love Mac’s skin finishes! I don’t think anyone else comes close to giving you a natural blush and glow