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Luxury Eye Masks from VIICode

Taking care of the area under your eyes is really important as it’s one of the most sensitive areas of the face. Aging really happens around and under the eyes first. I make it a point to be super gentle with my eyes when taking makeup up, rubbing my eyes and applying makeup to eyes. 


A couple of weeks ago, VIIcode reached out to me in regards to trying their eye masks. Now I don’t typically have issues with the area under my eyes, unless I drink a hefty amount or get two hours sleep. Both uncommon occurrences. But I still wanted to try a new luxury skincare product and you know me, I love the finer things in life šŸ˜‰  

What we know about oxygen is that it’s essential for the formation of new cells, healthy cell growth, eliminating puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles, bags and fine lines around the eyes. If you want to rock a younger-looking appearance, this is definitely the eye mask for you. To give you peace of mind, my boyfriend and I both tried the mask because I don’t have too much puffiness or under eye baggage but he has a bit more that masks could assist. 

We both applied the masks to the area under our eyes (a few centimeters from the bottom lashes) and we put the fatter side of the mask to the inner corner and the skinnier side to the outer corner of our eyes. This is meant to be worn overnight for up to eight hours. I woke up the next morning, and didn’t have the masks anywhere on my eyes and I know they fell off in the middle of the night as I found them in the sheets later. However, since my boyfriend is a much lighter and less tossier sleeper, his were on in the morning and I saw a huge difference to his under eyes.

His eyes looked more alert, and the area underneath looked brighter and the fine lines were less intense. That was so amazing to see because he has trouble with the area under his eyes. I also felt like the area under my eyes was brighter and the daylight hit the area nicely.

I have extremely sensitive skin, and I loved that this mask is perfect for all skin types as it didn’t have any negative or adverse effects and it was on the face for a few hours. This mask is best used two to three times a week for consistent results. You can find three packs of the eye masks retailing for $159.99 on Amazon. This three pack set is going to give you enough eye masks for the best results. If you’re interested in purchasing this three box deal, VIICode is offering $5 off your complete purchase with use of the code: HHTG-2RSQBX-2TLQY4


Have you tried a mask dedicated to the under eye area? What’s your favorite?

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Disclaimer: Sometimes I am lucky enough to receive products as PR samples. This post was sponsored by VIICode, but rest assured all opinions and comments are always honest and always my own.