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Luxury in a Brush

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For a beauty lover like myself, good makeup brushes are hard to come by these days. Sure there’s a ton of companies that make them, but the quality is usually not up to standard.

Luxie Detail Set

Now, I’d like to introduce you (if you haven’t been introduced before) to Luxie Beauty. As an avid Ipsy and Birchbox receiver, I’ve gotten brushes from Luxie brushes in my monthly boxes and I have loved each and every single one.
This is the rose gold synthetic five piece detail makeup brush set. Important to note, this is 100% animal cruelty free. These are the softest synthetic bristles I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot of brushes. Trust me, brush cleaning day is a several hour affair and is a dreaded task for me. Interestingly enough, Luxie brushes are coated with antibacterial solution which allows them to last well without being cleaned constantly, and they don’t absorb all the oils and nasty from your makeup application. I have sensitive skin so this type of brush could not be more perfect for me. These are also the most beautiful brushes you will find.

Within this particular set, we have the flat angled blender brush, the tapered blender brush, the angled brush, the round blender brush and the flat blender brush. With the size of these, you would think they would be used for eyes but this is quite a unique set and is for applying concealer and contour products to the face. What I’ve really enjoyed about these brushes is that their shape allows you as a makeup applier to really get in there and help blend properly so you’re not applying too much product or spreading it across a large area of the face. It’s difficult to apply a perfect contour with a brush the size of your head, so these are really perfect for those who are ready to have more control over their concealing and contouring. The last thing I’ll say is that these are perfect at ensuring the application is even, without eating product but also without over-applying.

Luxie Detail Set

Luxie Detail Set

What brushes do you use? Have you tried Luxie

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