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Maybelline Matte Lip Colors Rave & Review

So you want to give drugstore lipsticks a go? I highly recommend it in fact.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip Color 

| Touch of Spice |

This is a lovely deep pink, mixed with some purples and reds, that just gives the lips a beautiful juicy plump look. 
It’s my go-to during the day as it’s a totally wearable daytime shade.

| Divine Wine |

This is such a gorgeous deep red that will captivate everyone when you walk into a room. It’s a “loud” shade 
that just enhances those pearly whites and just make you look like your entire face is glowing. I tend to go for 
this one in the evenings, especially if I’m going somewhere fancy (which doesn’t happen every day, but hey 
I’m prepared for occasions I get to take a client out or have a nice lovely dinner with the Mr.)

Why these lipsticks specifically I hear you ask?

-They are creamy and apply like a dream on the lips. 
-Extremely long-lasting; one of those lipsticks that once you’re done with your salad you will still have a 
lovely stain that looks like you woke up like that 😉
-They are drugstore so they’re budget conscious, but the quality can be compared to some big names 
out there in terms of matte lipsticks.
-The range of shades is gorgeous and will allow for at least one, if not more, shades to be picked up by you!
-They feel very nice on the lips. Although it is a bit heavier, I prefer that feel on my lips so I don’t wipe my 
face or touch my lips and just ruin the entire look.

Although I’ve just talked them up to you, keep in mind you do want to use a balm of some sort as they can 
be a bit drying especially if you’re wearing this for a long work day or and a very long period of time. After 
a few hours I like to apply some chapstick, or Bite Beauty’s lip agave mask just to make sure those lippies 
get enough hydration. 

Have you picked up one of these lipsticks yet? What are your impressions?