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Miami in One Day

If you had one day in Miami, what would you do?

While we weren’t staying in Miami, we decided to take a mini drive down to explore.

We found ourselves in Miami Beach cruising through North and South Beach. Note to self: parking is a bitch. It 

took us almost an hour to find a spot. After the drive, park struggle and a walk along the beach, we were ready 

for a feastHey Yelp!

We found ourselves at Tropical Beach Cafe and I actually ended up reviewing this place on Yelp.

It was incredible! When walking along the street, you may mistake it for a hole in the wall but more times than 

not that hole in the wall, is one of the best places you’ll ever eat. The same could be said for this cafe because it 

really was incredible. All around. The meat, veggies, rice, and their strong Turkish coffee was a kick in the butt. 

After we decided to go to a spot for some drinks in South Beach. Word of advice: be careful. We had 3 beers and 

it cost $30 before tip. Insanity! And honestly, it was not worth it. I could’ve bought a 30 pack for the same cost.

One touristy attraction I found that we both agreed on was a cruise from the Miami port: Island Queen Cruises

I’ll admit the customer service was horrifying, but once we got on the boat it was all fun and views.

Ready for a ride? Let’s go!

What a lovely one day excursion in a non-stop city. Have you been to Miami?

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