Michael Kors Cold Weather Attire from Macy’s

This is a cute close up of me laughing while rocking cold weather hat, scarf and gloves from Macy's.

Michael Kors Cold Weather Attire from Macy’s

November 29, 2018

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by Macy’s.  

As the temperature begins to cool, I tend to want to restock on the cold weather accessories. This includes boots, gloves, hats, scarves and so forth.  

I truly think all boots were made for walking, but this gorgeous pair is one of the most lux and gorgeous pair of cold weather boots. Not to mention, they really pull an entire outfit together and elevate the look. This maroon, almost berry color is seriously one of my favorites especially this time of year.  


One of my biggest regrets on our last trip to Norway was having a cozy beanie, so nowadays I always make sure to have one. Especially when it comes to the weather cooling down. Having cold ears is just the worst things to be freezing. Anyone else agreed? As soon as I went to the Michael Kors accessories inside Macy’s, I knew I needed this beanie. In order to create a matching set, I needed to also incorporate a white scarf. Something about this one really struck me as hand sewn, and authentic. I just love the patterning. In order to tie everything together, I had to grab a pair of white gloves and decided to go for these.

Something about the color white, especially in cold weather attire, always seemed to right to me. It’s the color of snow, and I always associate white with winter. Just me? Not to mention throwing some light pink into the mix and a pair of jeans. Voila! The perfect winter combination, and I just adore that boots give the entire look that fashionista chicness. The best thing about all these goodies is that they’re also perfect stocking stuffers. Who doesn’t want a cute beanie, gloves and a cute scarf?

This is a full body shot close of me laughing while rocking cold weather hat, scarf, gloves and over the knee boots from Macy's.

What new cold weather accessories will you be adding to your closet?