Moisturizing on Wet Skin with Curél®

This is a close up of the Curel Moisturizer for Wet Skin

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Curél®.

I feel like I always say this, BUT if you follow along on Instagram, you already knew I did a road trip with my boyfriend on the east coast. We drove up to Maine, then over to New Hampshire (White Mountains), over to Vermont and finally ended our trip in Boston. During that trip, we realized we didn’t bring any lotion and our skin was so ridiculously dry and itchy. During the summer months, the east coast is hot. While humidity helps a bit with moisture, it was clear that we were in dire need of something extremely moisturizing.

This is a display of my desk featuring the Curel Wet Skin Moisturizer

We don’t mess around when it comes to lotion, so we spent quite some time in the store trying to find the best lotion. After reading labels, and finding that this Curél® Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer could be applied while your skin was still wet from the shower, we were so intrigued and we grabbed it. During the first few uses, it was odd to put lotion on when the skin was wet but there was something so right about the application. It felt wrong, but it was right. Does that even make sense? We were pleased with our decision to grab this moisturizer.

Back then, I had no idea I would be in this campaign so this entire story was so random and slightly ironic because I had tested and tried it before I even knew I was selected. Granted I try most products because I can’t stay away from any of it, I need it all on my face and body. Because I have to tell you if you should spend your money on it, DUH!

One of the main reasons that in my later years, I’ve tried my best to stay hydrated, is due to the fact that I get eczema when I travel due to the difference in water. When I go to Europe, something in the water doesn’t jive with me and I usually end up with bubbles all over my hands. It gets painful because my hands are so dry. While summer is hard for me here in the desert, winter can be even more brutal due to the colder climate and there’s even less moisture in the dry air.

In case I didn’t emphasize it enough just yet, this moisturizer is applied when you’re done showering but still standing in the shower. The moisturizer blends better into your skin if it’s done on wet skin. If you suffer from dry skin like my boyfriend and I, the Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer is bound to give you that moisture that your body so desperately needs and craves. Wet moisturizers are the new way to moisturize skin and it’s better than the traditional lotion because you can lock in the moisture from the shower while pores are open. This helps the product get deeper into the skin.

This moisturizer has ceramaides, and they are naturally present in healthy skin due to the fact that they’re building blocks to helping your skin main the moisture. This moisturizer is water activated that works deep into the skin’s surface, while helping to repair the moisture barrier. As soon as you apply this product, you will feel the difference in moisture. It’s almost instantaneous.

As I write this post, I need some moisturizer because my hands are so dry, but I’ve been in airplanes all day. It’s expected to have skin that’s a little more dry due to the dry air on the plane.

What’s your favorite moisturizer? Have you tried a wet one yet?