Monthly Product List for July 2022 - adaatude

Monthly Product List for July 2022

This is a flat lay featuring a few of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products.

Monthly Product List for July 2022

August 21, 2022


I tend to share new items in my weekly newsletters, but I find that there isn't a collective place for all the links. Consider this a new series that makes it super easy to find links for the most commonly mentioned items each month. If you can't find the item here, you can always go to my LTK profile and see if I've posted a corresponding image with all the links.

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Pink sports bra I'm still going to gym 2-3 times a week and this sports bra is so comfortable and very supportive with the tatas.

Comfy biker shorts I never thought I'd enjoy biker shorts, but the creaminess of these has me heart eyed during pregnancy.

Creamy eyeshadow When it comes to easy application, you can't go wrong with this formula. Color payoff is insane too.

Belly band It's a bit uncomfortable working out or standing for too long so this band has been helping support my lower belly.

Curling iron Guess who learned how to use a curling iron? This one personally doesn't damage my hair like many others do.

Parenting book While this isn't the end all be all, there's a lot of tips to be taken from this book, there's so much I took away.

Cuticle cream Who knew I needed this in my life? There's a nice difference in the softness of my cuticles these days.

Magnesium oil This is the perfect addition to the very tail end of my nighttime routine. 5-10 spritz on each foot before sleep.

Pregnancy safe firming serum While this combo is hard to find, Caudalie always comes through. Add this to your cart.

Thank you cards We send a lot of beauty boxes out, and I need a cute note inside them. Customized these & they're perfect.

The OG moisturizer IYKYK. Truly one of the richest, most hydrating options out there and just an oldie but a goodie.

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