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Mount Lemmon Cruising

Last weekend we decided to take a day off work and head up to Mount Lemon. The top of the mountain is located a mere thirty to fifty miles from Tucson (depending on where you are in the city.)

Why Mount Lemmon you may ask. Well here’s why…

I was quite proud of catching this scenic and photographic image of the Mr. The various colors and background are just phenomenal. I’m sure he was pointing out something cool at the time; I just can’t seem to recall what it was after the fact.

His hat & shirt are from RVCA, shorts are O’Neill, and sunglasses are Carrera

After taking some shots of him, he took a rather fun picture of me (which I am a bit in love with simply because I think it portrays my sheer happiness and joy!)

Shirt is from Forever 21/// Shorts are from H&M /// Asics shoes /// Sunglasses from Francesca’s ///

There have been quite a few fires up here and it is quite apparent when you get in deeper into the forest.

Nonetheless it is serene, quiet, and wonderful. If you hold your breath for a few seconds, you can almost get to a few seconds where there are no sounds at all. The serenity is overwhelming. It’s a lovely location for some peace and quiet that’s easily driven to if you live in Tucson. Another plus is that the drive is  a fun, winding and breath-taking adventure.

Iron Door Restaurant, y’all. They are known for having delicious pies so naturally being the sweet addicts we are, we had to take a peek and see for ourselves.

My mountain berry crumble crust individual pie was the most delicious pie I’ve ever had. You heard it here people, better than my beloved pumpkin pie!

Just look at those mixed berries. Look at ’em!

Where is your go-to daycation?