My Everyday Fragrance: Aura Mugler


My Everyday Fragrance: Aura Mugler

February 15, 2018

This post is in collaboration with, and sponsored by Clarins. Aura Mugler is a perfume within their collection.

Photos were taken by Julia O Test.

During my time at NYFW this season, I brought one perfume with me. Normally I bring a couple so I can make a decision in the moment depending on what kind of mood I'm in; with this fashion week, I just knew that I wanted to rock Aura Mugler day and night.

When it comes to picking the right fragrance, it can be hard to find the perfect scent for someone else. It's hard finding one for yourself, let alone a friend or significant other. We all have different opinions on what smells good, so it's a tough decision to buy a perfume if you don't really know the individual's sense of smell. Will it be too fruity? Too musky? Will they be allergic to the smell and unable to wear it? There's so many things to consider nowadays when buying a perfume or cologne. 

After receiving a bottle of Aura Mugler, I am convinced most everyone will enjoy this scent throughout the day. It's subtle, but a nice reminder throughout the day that you smell incredible. Not to mention this bottle is supremely gorgeous. This beautiful emerald green is lovely and will light up any beauty counter.


Something that really drove me to love Aura Mugler was the way the scent made me feel. I felt confident and like a downright badass with this perfume sprayed all over my outfit. Throughout the day, I would catch a whiff of the perfume and it really piped me up and got me excited for the next meeting, the next event and so forth. 

The scent is beautiful, meant for the powerful, free and connected girl boss. It is bold, fierce and meant for us to express whoever we want to be. The scent is floral without a doubt, but it is not overpowering or too sweet. It really brings that female sensuality to life because of how subtle it really is. 



Not to mention this heart shaped bottle is beautiful, and the perfect add to your perfume cabinet. The color makes this bottle appear to be a beautiful jewel. Something to make this perfume even more special, is the idea that you can customize it by engraving a name on it.

Personalizing a gift is a small add, but makes the gift that much more special. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any other event, this is the fragrance that will make someone's day not only better smelling, but special too.

During my time at NYFW, I knew the scent was sticking with me all day. It is long lasting, and smells even more natural on the skin throughout the day. If you're looking for something to awaken your sense, make you a bit more alert and confident, this is certainly the one for you. The top note is tiger liana with sugared almond. Middle note has rhubarb leaves and orange blossom, while the base is vanilla and woldwood. 

The scent that truly connects a woman to her surroundings. The next time you're at a department store, you absolutely have to take a little whiff of this fragrance. It is beautiful and exudes the strength we all need in our day to day.

Have you tried this fragrance yet?