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My First Time…in #Texas!

It was my first time in #Texas and I was so excited to finally be in this great state which everyone seems to rave about continuously!

We found ourselves in Irving to be exact; one of the many suburbs of Dallas. I am big lover of horses and they’re a big deal in Las Colinas (one of the three neighborhoods that can be found in Irving.)

We explored a few different beautiful segments of the city. 

After some wandering through the city, we settled in to the Four Seasons for a bit. 

Lunch was great, but dessert was unforgettable.The furthest back is a raspberry cheesecake, the middle is a pecan brownie, and up front is creme brulee. All absolutely delicious and a bit heavy for lunch time, but hey you can never say no to dessert.

The view of the golf course from the balconies was incredible. I would love to hold a glass of bubbly and watch the golfers.

After the Four Seasons, we decided we just HAD to visit an incredible concept called a Cupcake ATM.. I have no idea why every city in the world does not do this. It’s brilliant. You may be asking yourself, what is a cupcake ATM. Well it is an ATM that deposits cupcakes, rather than cash. This particular one is Sprinkles aka the best cupcake shop on the west coast (in my humble opinion.)

My lovely coworker actually filmed me buying my first cupcake from the ATM; she even edited the video in an adorable fashion so of course I had to insert that video link here.

After all the cupcake excitement and quite the sugar high for all involved, we went to Southfork Ranch.

This guy just caught my attention.

After all of our day’s adventures, we ended up at a local brewery (unfortunately I cannot recall the name) but the beers were strong, local (duh!) and delicious. When I travel, I typically only try local beer and steer clear of beers I can get back home. It’s just more fun to be “exotic” and try new things, don’t you agree?

The next morning, we packed our bags and set off to a local bakery. Zenzero Bakery was modern, unique, and had a wonderful touch of flair to it. The coffee was on point, the breakfast delicious, and the service excellent. If you are in the area and looking for a great little spot for a snack, meal, coffee, and the likes, I highly recommend this little shop. You won’t regret it.

If you can’t tell by the happiness in this picture, I just had such a great time in Texas. Thanks for having us Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau!

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