My #NSALE Picks!

This is a close up of me sitting on the rails of a hotel in Huntington Beach, while wearing a gorgeous floral top and some blue jeans.

My #NSALE Picks!

July 24, 2018

Everyone and their mothers (maybe even grandmothers) has been talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I've seen articles talking about this sale as if it's the World Cup of fashion blogging, and honestly, it kind of is. Some bloggers who started their journeys with RewardStyle (the precious Like to Know It app) or ShopStyle, have trained their audiences on social media and their blog to SHOP their shit. This is the best and easiest way to make an income, because well... you make money off others shopping what you shopped yourself. You're basically getting paid to shop and style, and if you enjoy it, it's the best job in the world. Win win really.  Today I wanted to share the items I snagged for myself, and I'll admit my order still hasn't fully arrived even though I shopped during the early access piece of the sale. They've been inundated with orders, and the shipping has slowed down from the 2-3 day norm I've had before.

In case you haven't met me, you may not know that my floral obsession is very real. That's why I had to choose this dress and of course this tee. I also liked the colors of this floral dress, so I needed it too. Yes NEEDED is a true statement.

Since I work all the time, and I think women are badasses, I obviously wanted this tee. I think you're going to need it too. Since I pretend to be a professional once in a blue moon, I thought these gorgeous high-waisted trousers would be perfect for a cute, yet business casual vibe. Thoughts?

This casual pullover comes in so many colors, and I had to opt for the fuchsia color. Because why the hell not? I'm not entirely sure what attracted me to this gorgeous pair of flats, but I love how unique and fun they are. Can we talk about cute PJs? I need to take a cute PJ picture at some point, so I got this set to do that. I do it for the gram, ok

It's still hot as shit here in Arizona, so I decided to buy a sweater. Well, I still need to be stylish, not realistic people. I also thought it'd be great to buy a cardigan sweater because I know I'll rock this on my trips to the east coast and Europe. Loved this salmon color for a cardigan too as it gives a simple outfit a fun pop of color. A new pair of booties is essential for fall. Along with a simple stripe tee. Stripes are also a go-to for me on the reg. My last pic was this top, which is perfect for jeans, booties and scarves next season.

Swipe through my purchases, and let me know which are your faves. I may have to go back in for a few more things, but I'm thinking I'm okay for the time being. How many clothes is too many? ...Or is there no such thing as too many clothes? Asking for a friend.

Have you shopped the sale yet?

This is a half body shot of me rocking a floral top, in Huntington Beach, with a gorgeous ocean view behind me.

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I love your style, you picked out some really nice pieces. We have a Nordstrom here in Canada but I find it more over priced than in the States so I don’t end up shopping there

I saw that big florals are in season right now and I love the style. I am going to need to check out Nordstrom for that shirt!

I’ve never shopped here before. I’ll admit I’m not fashion conscious and prefer sweats and a T-shirt here in Indiana. Lol! I do love looking at pretty clothing, though. That dress is to die for!

I’ve heard of the store but not the level of this sale. Thanks for sharing your insights regarding their deals. You have some great floral selections!

I like the floral. As for trousers, I do think they can go for casual or dress. I love that high waist is back in style.